Performing Arts Student Malika Dreams Big

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What is your full name and where are you from?
Malika Uter-Moye, I am from Norfolk

What are you studying at CSVPA? 
I am studying Performing Arts

What dream career are you working towards and why?
I am working towards being a successful Actor, Model and TV Presenter

In your course, tell us about your style and passion?
I am not sure if I have a particular style yet, but my passion is to be successful in my field, learning from the best here at CSVPA. I have become attracted to ballet, of which I have only just started to do, most people start ballet from a very young age, its interesting and adds poise and posture to my look when acting and modelling.  I have also been doing voice training as a singer, this is also very new, but I am enjoying very much.

What are you looking forward to at CSVPA on your course, and why?
I am looking forward to my upcoming ballet performance as this will be my first time, as a dancer performing at our new site in Sturton Street and singing a solo performance, this will be my first singing solo performance.  I am both excited and nervous for both of my new ventures.  I look forward to the feedback.

How has CSVPA helped you so far?
Where do I start?  Well CSVPA has helped me to become comfortable and owning my various characters, from reading a script and seeing how to act out the character. I have now taken to singing which I am enjoying! In our previous performance of Peter Pan, I played several characters, I learned to own each character, and express their emotions to the audience.

How would you like CSVPA to promote you, your talents and other students? 
I would like CSVPA to promote our work to local businesses, showcase on social media’s, encourage local businesses to do in-house fashion shows with both our work and our models.  Its all about letting potential designers, directors and casting agents know that we are here!

What have you taken part in outside of CSVPA?
I started modelling before going into acting.  I have enjoyed doing catwalk events, modelling for stores and being in a Look-book  for a London designer, moving into TV commercials, to name a few, I have been a featured extra in SNP Broadcast 
together with this  educational 'Barclays Life Skills' project, it was great meeting other student actors.  This is my latest project and my favourite so far click here. This was for the 'The Matthew Project' and was called 'No compromise'.

When acting as an extra in movies, its amazing to see the settings, I was in awe at Pinewood Studios, such a large site. I am enjoying seeing the film created, the cameras’, lighting and meeting the Directors, seeing them at work.  I love going into costume and make-up, to be created for my part.  It’s a great experience!

What inspires and motivates you in your work both in and outside of CSVPA?
I am self driven and motivated on all of my different projects that come up.  I love to be requested by a Casting Director, just from my profile pics and webpage, it shows the progress I have made for them to notice it.  

What are you working on now?
Coming up is a 6-part drama of which I am an extra, filming has already taken place, it will be shown on Sky Atlantic next couple weeks (April)   I feel so honoured to be a part of a project with this Director,  I have just filmed three more movies, as these are unfinished projects, you will just have to wait and see!  I have a ballet performance at end of March.  Followed by a singing performance in April.



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