Discover what sets CSVPA apart from other institutions in caring for students and providing a unique, friendly and productive atmosphere.


CSVPA is built around each student’s individual needs, and through our creative environment we help students develop their talents to be the creative they want to be. 

We want to make sure you have everything you need to make Cambridge your second home, allowing you to enjoy your student experience in a safe, relaxing and friendly environment. We put a strong emphasis on pastoral care at CSVPA and we offer a wide support should you need help or simply want to talk to someone.


The welfare of our students is our number one priority. and we want to make sure you have everything you need to make Cambridge your second home.  Our role is to create a family environment in which students feel comfortable, safe and secure in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. 

  • We provide equal opportunities for all students, regardless of ability, religion, culture, gender, ethnic origin or class.
  • We encourage tolerance, understanding and positive interaction between students, and to have regard for each other’s privacy and possessions.
  • We create a place where students can develop their intellectual and creative talents.
  • We encourage each student to develop spiritually, culturally, morally and socially as well as to develop students’ responsibility – for themselves, for others and for their environment. 


The Welfare Team are here for the wellbeing of all our students, regardless of age, ability, religion, culture, gender, ethnic origin or class.  By providing a duty of care we encourage all our students to come and talk to the team if they are homesick, feel isolated, sad, depressed or in need of a positive conversation. 

At the beginning of each year, the Welfare Team will talk with the students about living in Cambridge and the UK, a new country and culture for many of our students.  They advise on how best to practice tolerance, understanding and positive interaction between students and the local people and to have regard for each other’s privacy and possessions. 

We pride ourselves in supporting students to develop their intellectual and creative talents and we work closely with all staff to aid a student who may be failing for whatever reason. 

The team provides a professional counselling service where students can come and discuss their feelings on any issues (past or present) in a safe and confidential space. 

When necessary, they provide PSHE sessions on sex, drugs, alcohol, tolerance, spirituality and British values. 

At CSVPA we also provide a safe room for spiritual practice should any student feel the need to practice their religion or simply need space and time to spend time with themselves. 


Student Services offer a range of support and information to enhance your student experience.  You will meet and register with Student Services when you first arrive at the college as part of your Induction programme. 
Their door is always open and they are the first port of call should you have a general query and you are not sure who to direct it to.   
The Student Services Team will provide you with letters/documents such us a Certificate of Enrolment, a Bank Letter or a Council Tax Exemption letter.  If you are wanting to open a bank account we can provide you with information on the process. 
If you have a Student Visa they will help you to register with the local police as part of your induction. They can also help International students with enquiries about visas and other immigration matters. 
For students applying through the Student Route, Student Services can offer help and guidance on the visa application process. 
The Student Services office is conveniently situated in the Round Church Street site for our Cambridge Bridge Street Campus. 


CSVPA has decades of experience in working with international students. At the school we do not just teach, we offer a fully supportive education experience where students feel at home in our diverse community and free to become the creative they want to be. 

We offer a Personal Tutor Scheme where each student has their own personal tutor that they can go to for individual academic and non-academic guidance and support.  

At CSVPA we understand how difficult it can be to arrive in a new country and to study in a new language. At CSVPA we have a dedicated English Language Centre to support international students. We also have a dedicated ALS support coordinator, to support students with specific learning difficulties by providing one-on-one support to develop time management and study skills.  


At CSVPA we provide our own medical centre, staffed by UK registered Nurses and Healthcare Assistants.  Located at our Varsity House Halls of Residence and managed by the College, the aim is to make sure that all students’ health and well-being is suitably assessed, treated and sign posted to the relevant healthcare professionals for appropriate care.   

At the start of the year, we make sure all students are registered with the local GP surgery. We provide support including medicine and health advice, information on diet and healthy living, assessing and providing treatment if required, making referrals to Doctors, Dentists and other specialists.  The Health Care Assistants accompany the students to various health appointments if requested.