CSVPA launches two courses at the brand new London studio

CSVPA launches two courses at the brand new London studio

LAUNCHING this September, we have two brand new Level 3 Foundation Diploma pathways at the CSVPA London Studio at Guildhouse School. For any prospective Visual Communication, Advertising, Art Direction, Branding or Film and Moving Image students, these courses provide an ideal platform.

Set in the heart of London’s base for creative arts, these courses are located right at the core of the industry and future workplaces.

Similarly, the new CSVPA London studio is only 10 minutes from at University of the Arts London (UAL) –  who are also the awarding body for these new courses. The courses are also regulated to the highest standards by Ofqual.

These fantastic new courses set up any prospective student for success, with specialist staff support available 5 days a week, and supply students with access to our state-of-the art studios 7 days a week.

Upon successful completion of either course, there is guaranteed progression to any of the BA courses that CSVPA have to offer. The specialised academic team will also help students that want to progress to any other University around the world to apply to the career of your dreams.

Two out three students completing UAL accredited Foundation courses at CSVPA Cambridge, progress to study at UAL. These new foundation courses taught at CSVPA London Studio are UAL accredited and also offer guaranteed progression to CSVPA BA (Hons) taught at our Cambridge campus.

Find out more about these exciting new courses and our CSVPA London studio here to become the artist you want to be !