Celebrating Women in the Arts through History

Celebrating Women in the Arts through History

Women have been related to arts through centuries and continents. While playing a significant role in the creation and production of art throughout history, their contributions have often been overlooked, undervalued, or actively suppressed.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, many things started to change, and women artists began to challenge the status quo and demand greater recognition and opportunities. Feminist movements like suffrage helped to create a cultural shift that allowed more women to pursue careers in the arts. Many women artists, such as Mary Cassatt, Frida Kahlo, and Georgia O’Keeffe, became well-known and influential figures in their fields.

Despite all this, there are still many obstacles for women in the arts today, including limited representation in museums and galleries, lower pay and fewer opportunities for exhibitions and commissions. However, women continue to create and innovate in all areas of the arts, and their contributions are increasingly being recognized and celebrated.

At CSVPA, we are proud and support all women working with us, from the lecturers to the staff all around our campuses. They are an example to follow of dedication, creativity, and success.