CSVPA National Student Survey Outcomes

CSVPA National Student Survey Outcomes

Following the recent National Student Survey results, CSVPA has come out on top with some incredible statistics. The National Student Survey is an independent survey conducted for all UK Higher Education institutions and is often regarded as a key platform to inform students when choosing their next step.

This survey is divided into themes and questions, with CSVPA excelling in both. CSVPA is soaring to new heights with a success average of 91.3% against 79.7% of the UK total. This sensational score is not just a number; it’s a statement of our commitment to creating an extraordinary student journey that’s second to none.

Graphic shows students on their way to a graduation ceremony, with the thest '91.3%- CSVPA average student satisfaction in new National Student Survey'.

The Survey offers a fantastic platform to fully grasp how students view CSVPA. For example, on Theme 1, “Teaching on my course,” an inspiring 98.6% of students agree that CSVPA excels in it; we transform education into an immersive experience doesn’t just teach but goes beyond. On Theme 4, “Academic support,” CSVPA’s stellar 97.2% makes student success not just a goal, but a reality.

Most notably, students scored our teaching staff’s ability to explain at 100%. Coupled with a fantastic 100% when asked “how often is your course intellectually stimulating”, it proves that CSVPA isn’t just an institution- but a catalyst for boundless creativity.

Graphic shows two students looking at a tutor with the text '10% rating by CSVPA students for staff expertise'.

Other highlights include:

  • 100% in how easy was it to contact teaching staff when you needed to and ease of access to resources.
  • 100% in do you get the right opportunities to give feedback on your course.

-and these are only some of our 100% scores!

These results clearly demonstrate that CSVPA isn’t just an institution, it’s a creative journey for our students and staff, pushing the boundaries of excellence.

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