CSVPA’s Sophie Wheeler shortlisted for the Arts Thread Global Design Graduate Show 2023 with Gucci

CSVPA’s Sophie Wheeler shortlisted for the Arts Thread Global Design Graduate Show 2023 with Gucci

Sophie Wheeler, a CSVPA alumnus, is making waves in the evolving landscape of Fashion. Sophie, originally from York, graduated from CSVPA in June. Her exceptional collection, “The Dazzle of Halibut,” which focusses on sustainability from old garments, has not only garnered acclaim at CSVPA’s Graduate Fashion Week but has also earned her a coveted spot on the shortlist for the Arts Thread Global Design Graduate Show 2023 in collaboration with Gucci.

Within the Fashion world, the Arts Thread Global Design Graduate Show is a renowned accolade for the best up and coming talent. In the past, winners have progressed to internships and job opportunities at Gucci.

Sophie’s journey from a student to a globally recognised designer has been lightning fast!

 “The Dazzle of Halibut” captivated not only the audience at GFW but also industry experts from renowned brands such as Balmain, Levi’s, and Nike, among many others. Sophie’s collection stands out for its unwavering commitment to sustainability, innovative design, and a unique explosion of colours.

Sophie’s meticulously handcrafted her collection using a blend of natural and recycled domestic textiles. Her use of waste avocado stones, sourced from a local sushi restaurant, to dye her fabrics. These sustainable materials form the linings of her designs, creating a beautiful fusion of eco-consciousness and artistry.

Similarly, Sophie also used a donation of deadstock yarns from iconic fashion houses like Missoni and John Smedley. This enriched her collection, adding a layer of complexity and history to her designs.

Sophie at her graduation ceremony, July 2023
Sophie at her CSVPA Graduation, July 2023

Sophie’s “The Dazzle of Halibut” draws inspiration from Halibut Jackson, a beloved childhood storybook character created by British illustrator David Lucas.Sophie’s hand-tufted fabrics, while initially designed to camouflage into home textiles, slowly evolved to embrace an ironic twist by becoming conspicuous works of art themselves.

In Sophie’s own words, “I wanted to create something that was visually appealing and sustainable at the same time. The avoidance of conspicuous consumption of the new stimulated my initial process, which turned to discarded fabrics.”

The public vote for the Arts Thread Global Design Graduate Show 2023 is officially open, and we encourage all readers to click the link here and cast their vote for Sophie Wheeler.

Voting closes on Wednesday, October 11th, so be sure to vote before then. The winners will be announced on Monday, October 16th.

Cast your vote today and be a part of this incredible designer’s journey!