CSVPA campus is located in the heart of the city and is a quick walk from all the sites and sounds of this vibrant and diverse city


Cambridge is possibly the best place in the UK to be a student. The CSVPA campus is located in the heart of the city and is a quick walk from all the sites and sounds of this vibrant and diverse city.

As a student at CSVPA you will have your own space to design, create, rehearse or practice. All of our studios are designed to look, feel and operate like those you would work in during your professional career. We make sure you are adept at using all the latest equipment, processes and programmes that the creative industries use.

Students have access to our studio spaces 7 days a week and our lecturers provide personalised tuition. What’s more, as artists you will need access to lots of essential materials and equipment to create successful portfolios. Unlike other universities and colleges, at CSVPA we provide all your printing, your calico and pattern paper free of charge – so you can experiment, make mistakes and learn without worrying about having to constantly buy more materials.


Voted as the 2nd best city in the UK for employment*, Cambridge is A beautiful, multicultural city with a rich history and lots to do. There is a popular music scene with multiple venues to choose from across different genres. Arts and culture can also be enjoyed with world famous museums that show some of the rarest collections, sculptures, art and ancient antiques dating back to even the pre-historic era. There are many art galleries that are filled with contemporary and renaissance artworks and plenty of theatres which host performances, from Broadway shows to amateur theatre groups.

Cambridge is one of the safest places to live in Britain. There is an abundance of shopping centres, restaurants, cafes and cinemas, and when you want to explore the rest of the UK or travel back home, you can easily jump on a train and be London in just under an hour.

*As voted in 2020 on Glassdoor’s Best Cities for Jobs in the UK


At CSVPA we provide student accommodation for all years of study allowing you to focus on the important things, discovering Cambridge, making friends, and getting the most out of your studies. Located in the heart of Cambridge, our halls of residence are surrounded by a thriving arts and culture scene and with the added benefit of living with like-minded creative art students, you will have an abundance of stimuli to inspire your work and develop your creativity.





CSVPA Bridge House Cambridge

Our main Campus building is located in the centre of Cambridge, opposite the historic Round Church, and less than five minutes’ walk from King’s College. Bridge House is the perfect environment for students to grow in their creativity and offers numerous specialised studio spaces for graphics, illustration, fine art, fashion and design along with a dark room and spaces for experimental study. Bridge House also houses our student services team and a large canteen and dining room space for students.

CSVPA Sturton Street

The Sturton Street Campus has been created as a tailored environment for the Performing Arts, also hosting the Extended Diploma students in the Creative Arts. It is conveniently located a brief distance from Cambridge Centre, and comprises of 14 individual studios, seven of which possess Harlequin flooring – a specialist type of flooring designed for performance. The theatre area is spacious, covering an area of more than 1800 sq ft and able to accommodate seating for approximately 100 people, along with a stage. Additionally, each studio has an integrated sound system to facilitate excellent music provision. Recently renovated in early 2023, the building features a bright, open café and communal areas for students to relax during their leisure time.

CSVPA Graduate Centre

The CSVPA Graduate Studio is a dedicated space for students studying MA, Graduate Diploma and Pre-Masters courses. Located in Friar House, a unique building in the heart of Cambridge, students benefit from multiple studios and other workspaces, iMac workstations, Gaming PCs, a photography studio, a stop-motion animation resource, and a student lounge. Graduate School students also have access to fabrication workshops, a fashion atelier, performance studios, music rehearsal rooms and recording studio, printmaking facilities and a life drawing studio, located across other CSVPA buildings.