Origins Creatives Exhibition – two CSVPA students hand-picked to display work

Origins Creatives Exhibition – two CSVPA students hand-picked to display work

Two CSVPA students, Thet Htar Phyu Phyu and Jasmine Sun , have been showcasing their Animation and Film work at The Origins Creatives event in the Truman Brewery between Friday 21 July- Sunday 23rd July. 

The exhibition was organized by University of Arts London and Jasmine and Phyu were part of a small group of students personally selected by UAL for their impressive and impactful portfolios of work.

Students from all over the UK submitted their work for consideration. There are approximately 64000 students studying UAL Awarding Body qualifications at around 280 centres across the country. This included paintings, photography, drawings, sculptures, fashion and more. Out of these, 400 artworks were submitted by tutors for the exhibition, and 170 were accepted. The curator Charlie Levine said she chose “the ones that jumped straight off the screen” and that gave “a sense of what’s next”.

Phyu and Jasmine’s work stood out from the crowd, managing to catch the attention of the UAL Awarding Body’s curator amongst 400 submissions!

Jasmine’s submission focusses on different perspectives on Global Catastrophic Risks (GCRs).

Jasmine said ‘For me, climate change is one of the most possible GCRs that might lead to the world’s end. And this day will probably come to future generations. The fact urged me to ponder how I can raise the awareness, that our deeds nowadays might cause our offspring to suffer in the future, through my work. This is the idea of Stop Climate Change.

“It is a pleasure to be part of the UAL Origins Creatives exhibition. It gives my idea and hard work recognition and is a precious chance to invite more audience to watch my work. I would also like to thank my tutor, Ali Aschman, who inspires and supports me considerably.”


Phyu’s submission, ‘Traversing through evocation’, explores the stages of emotions and thoughts during meditation.

Phyu said, “I wanted to show the mindscape as a space, and revisit the idea of thinking patterns and how I view it after a year. I felt proud about showing my work to an actual audience.”

Regarding their time at CSVPA, Phyu said “My time at CSVPA has changed me artistically and helped me develop my social skills. My tutors are to thank for that, since before this, I had little to no experience in animation and an aesthetically pleasing approach in expressing my ideas.”.

The exhibition also gave industry professionals from across the creative sector a chance to meet the students, discover new talent and celebrate this exciting exhibition of work from aspiring creatives.