BA Fashion graduate, Ka Yee Lee, captures national media attention!

Ba Fashion graduate

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Last week Ka Yee stormed the runway at Graduate Fashion Week and started the opening catwalk with her eye-catching and headline grabbing garments. Her work has since featured in The Times and The Telegraph, garnered the attention of leading figures such as, Hilary Alexander and has also captured the attention of Graduate Fashion Week judge Victoria Magrath and popular fashion bloggers like Freddie Harrell, Daniel Lismore and Yu Masui. We recently caught up with Ka Yee and asked her to share her journey with us in her own words...

Why did you choose to study our BA Fashion course?

After completing the Extended Diploma course in Art and Design, Fashion at CSVPA I decided to study the BA Fashion course. I had such a positive experience on the Extended Diploma course that I knew continuing to study at CSVPA was right for me. I wouldn’t have received as much support or as many opportunities if I had studied at a university so I knew the BA Fashion course would provide me with the best education experience.

What did you love about your course?

I love that we get a lot of one to one tutorial, and lots of technical support! We actually have the best technician ever! We also have guests lectures with specialists from many sectors of the fashion industry, every week, who either run workshops or host seminars.

Would you recommend the course?

I would definitely recommend the course. I have been studying with CSVPA for five years now and I have been able to explore my design interests in an encouraging and exciting environment that has also provided me with so many opportunities and wonderful teaching. 

The course would especially suit those who want to learn technical skills. It is unbelievable how much you learn and how good the technicians are at working with you and explaining the process of each new skill. The small class sizes also mean that you are continually supported. 

Having a designer like Holly Fulton, who teaches on the course is also amazing. Being able to learn from her experience and expertise really helps to elevate your work and push your work and yourself to a professional level.

How has the course helped you?

The course has helped me do things I didn't believe I could do before! Like applying to intern with Gareth Pugh, a leading English fashion designer. Before joining the course, I wouldn’t have had the confidence or the connections to do something like that - it was the best thing ever!

If you could give a few words of inspiration to inspire future aspiring designers, what would those words be?

Learning to design and making your own work is hard but I am so excited and proud to have made my own collection. I believe fashion is a form of self-expression. You have to know your beliefs, who you are as a designer and as a person so you know what you want to create and what you want the world to know about you. And this course has helped me find me.

About Ka Yee Lee’s collection

Ka Yee Lee’s concept for her collection began with an insight into the capitalist system. As corporations gain increasing levels of political power, questions surrounding economic and cultural shifts begin to be at the forefront of contemporary discussion.

Considering the continuously increasing pressure in Japanese work culture, the societal expectations that are carried often lead to depression and suicide. The focus for Ka Yee Lee’s collection draws on this perspective, of capitalisms exploitative nature and its resulting manifestation of a population of men in crisis.

An abstract and conceptual way to demonstrate the weights that the ‘slave salaryman’ has to carry on their shoulders, the societal pressures they inherit behind these suits emphasising the imbalance in the patriarchal structure of the society in regards to power dynamics. Asking the question, “Are we all just disguising our frustration towards our society and blindly working towards an unforeseeable goal after all”.

Find out more about our BA Fashion course here.


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