BA Fashion Graduate Ellie Aspires To Be A Fashion Designer

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Name:  Ellie Constable
Where are you from: Tunbridge Wells
Dream Career: Fashion Designer
Links to work: Instagram- elzieec  Website-
  • What did you study at CSVPA? 
  • Where did your interest in the course and subject stem from?
I started enjoying fashion from around the age of 12 and started making my own clothes. My aunt also works within the fashion industry, which helped inspire me as well. I decided to transfer from my previous university to gain more experience and learn more.
  • What projects did you mostly enjoy at CSVPA and why? 
I enjoyed most projects as long as I was learning new skills. I particularly enjoyed 3rd year and doing my Final Collection as it was based on my own concept and brief, meaning I was able to make a personal collection to me. 
  • How did CSVPA help you, your passion and skills develop? 
CSVPA offers a lot of different subjects to develop your skills which will help you get a job within the industry. All the subjects helped build on the skills, such as sewing, pattern cutting and designing.  They have helped me gain the knowledge I need to get an internship straight out of university. My enjoyment for fashion developed throughout the two years on the course, making me determined to get to where I wanted to be later on in my career.
  • What is the project you are most proud of and why? 
I’m most proud of my final collection, I used many different techniques throughout which shows a range of skills for my portfolio but also is very effective throughout the collection. I used my own print within my collection which also made it personal to me. The final collection shows how my skills have developed over the last two years and how much I have learnt.
  • Who inspires you and your work? 
I use many things to inspire my work, from designers to objects to role models. My family inspire me to do my best throughout my work which gives me the push I need to do my best as well as the encouragement from tutors within CSVPA. My main designer that inspires me, however, is Kenzo although it can change from project to project. My aunty has also been a big inspiration to me, leading the way ahead.
  • What is your style of work and/or what makes your work different?
I enjoy designing clothing that are ready-to-wear or highstreet so that it is a completely wearable design. I focus around streetstyle and sportswear but bringing in my own quirkiness to create something personal to me. I also design my own prints to use on the garments which gives my work something different and finishes off the design with my own trademark.
  • What is the next exciting step? 
I have been offered an internship in garment design at a company in London who sell to worldwide companies like Selfridges, Bloomingdales etc. This will include doing technical drawings for the designer, bits of pattern cutting and other similar tasks.


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