A note to our graduating students from our Principal, Karin Askham

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As we end this academic year you have embraced the challenges of lockdown, during this global crisis you have continued to maintain your resolve and application throughout your course. Course teams have been remarkably adaptive and innovative. You have worked long hours, left no question unasked, turned accepted thinking upside down, experienced eureka moments and fought through the difficult patches.  You will have used all the resources available to you – libraries, workshops, academic staff and technicians to produce your final projects.  A creative education demands so much from you and you have all risen to the challenge.

It is impossible not to be impressed by the determination, innovation and creativity with which you have approached your time at the School and I know that you will take these talents and all you have learned here into your careers. Congratulations on the extraordinary ideas that have informed your work – on your originality, your questioning attitude and your inspirational energy.

Now, the biggest challenge we all face is the uncertainty and the ambiguity of the future. We cannot look to the past to predict what business as usual might look like in the year ahead, but within this, we all know that we all will be stretching and embracing new ways of doing. A world of opportunities is open to you, and I know you are going to go out there and make the most of them. Whatever you do next, you will be part of our worldwide alumni community.  Please do keep in touch, let us know how things are going, and come back to visit us when you can.

As our shows have now moved online for this academic year we would be delighted to commit to invite you back next year to exhibit your work with next year’s graduates and to join a formal graduation ceremony.

This crisis will change things and there will be a new normal but what will not change is that you will always be our alumni and we will be proud to put all your names on our roll call to join an exclusive club of incredible alumni.

Karin Askham,

Rector and Principal


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