On Tuesday 9th July, CSVPA’s Graduation ceremony took place at the University of Cambridge’s prestigious Debating Chamber. A rite of passage, our Undergraduate and Master’s graduates came together with their families, friends, professors and members of CSVPA’s staff to recognise their incredible achievements and mark the start of the next step in their creative journey.

Dressed in their graduation robes, the day commenced with CSVPA’s traditional procession through the historic streets of Cambridge. Led by Mace Bearer, Andrea Barnard, and a three-piece band it was a sight to behold. Our graduands traced the familiar route through the city, following the steps of those graduates before them and of those to come. Family and friends lined the streets to watch the procession, while tourists and city dwellers stopped to take in the line of graduands weaving their way through the city.

CSVPA Graduation 2024

As the ceremony commenced within the iconic walls of the Debating Chamber, Rector Karin Askham praised the “inspirational energy” that each student had demonstrated during their time at CSVPA.

Graduands and their guests listened as John Blackman (Course Director for BA (Hons) Graphics & Illustration), Holly Fulton (Head of BA (Hons) Fashion), Carolyn Timson (Senior Lecturer in BA (Hons) Fashion Branding & Creative Communication) and Ed Dimsdale (Head of the Graduate School) reflected on their students’ accomplishments and on their growth as leading voices among today’s creative graduates.

CSVPA BA (Hons) Graduates

John Blackman took the opportunity to observe three of his students’ recent success at the New Designers exhibition in London, where they received awards for their work.

Holly Fulton spoke of her admiration for her students’ tenacity and dedication to their studies, as well as their mature and distinctive approach to their work. Both she and Carolyn Timson acknowledged in front of the gathered audience their students’ success at this year’s Graduate Fashion Week, further demonstrating the talent and strength of this cohort of emerging creatives.

Each student was then called forward to shake Provost Kevin Hart’s hand and receive their scroll.

To our Class of 2024, we are honoured to be part of your creative journey. As you take the next step along your creative pathway, we will continue to advocate for you and celebrate your achievements. Embrace the blank canvas of whatever comes next and make your mark on the world.

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