DNA : CSVPA Drama and Musical Theatre Students Shine at the Junction Theatre

DNA : CSVPA Drama and Musical Theatre Students Shine at the Junction Theatre

Back in June in the heart of Cambridge, a cohort of talented CSVPA students took to the stage at the Junction Theatre to perform Dennis Kelly’s cult classic play “DNA” for their end-of-year show.The show took place at the Junction Theatre – famous for world-renowned headliners such as Radiohead, with a maximum capacity of 850. The play explores the struggles of teenagers navigating the complexities of growing up.

“DNA,” written by renowned BAFTA nominated British playwright Dennis Kelly, explores the intricate journey of adolescents as they come to terms with their own identities and the decisions they make. Set against the backdrop of a seemingly harmless prank gone awry, the play delves deep into the dynamics of peer pressure, guilt, and the profound impact of choices.

The play itself poses distinct acting challenges for students, such as multi-rolling, when an actor plays more than one character onstage.

Student Marat Shakarov said, “I’m playing two different characters in one cast, it’s a huge contrast. That’s probably the most exciting part about this, that the characters are so different. I’ve got a chance to transform into two completely different human beings!”.

For our drama students, an opportunity to perform at the Junction Theatre is a fantastic glimpse into the industry. Stepping onto a real-life stage allows students to experience the thrill and challenges of performing in front of a live audience.

For Mexican student Aracely Cruz Lopez, it was the first time on a professional stage.

“I’ve just been on the stage in the school, not in a real theatre so I’m so excited, this is my first experience”.

The practical exposure gained during performances such as these gives students a taste of what a professional acting career entails.

As these young actors take their next steps to Drama schools, they carry with them the crucial lessons learned from this invaluable experience.

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