Cambridge Festival 2023: CSVPA and the University of Cambridge Team Up for some Unforgettable Events

Cambridge Festival 2023: CSVPA and the University of Cambridge Team Up for some Unforgettable Events

Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts and the University of Cambridge have been working for the last 4 years, a unique collaboration bridging the gap between science and art.


Karin Askham, CSVPA Rector, told us: “This collaboration allows scholars and artists to explore their disciplines’ intersections and create new avenues for interdisciplinary research. The collaboration has resulted in ground-breaking projects, including exhibits incorporating scientific research into artistic expression and performances fusing science and music. It is our goal at CSVPA that this partnership continues to spark a new generation of interdisciplinary scholars and artists with the skills and knowledge to tackle complex global challenges from multiple perspectives.”

Here is an overview of the events:  

Creative Encounters was the first of many this season. The event showcased a panel discussion featuring PhD and Postdoctoral researchers from the University of Cambridge.

They shared their experiences with the research and collaborating with CSVPA creative partners. The session included performance interventions by Rachel Ellis, CSVPA’s Head of Drama, and her students. The exhibition will be available daily from Friday, March 17th, until Tuesday, March 28th.

CSVPA Sustainable Fashion Emporium took over Shop 49 at the Grand Arcade, on Sunday 26th March.

This event offered a unique live fashion studio and creative-making environment where students and staff from the Fashion department collaborated with attendees to explore novel ways of engaging with clothing. The central goal of this initiative was to foster a more positive connection with apparel, one that diverts from wasteful consumption. The program included various activities, including ReVITALISE and RePAIR workshops, where participants learnt creative stitching and embroidery techniques to mend and embellish damaged clothing. Another highlight was the ReMAKE a T-shirt session, which enabled people to transform old shirts into new designs. Everyone was encouraged to bring their beloved but worn-out clothes or unwanted garments to repair or upcycle.

Crisis of Content is an exhibition and discussion hosted by CSVPA Arts Lab at King’s College. This event will delve into the impact of AI and automated copyright identification on artistic expression and creative freedom. The exhibit will showcase CSVPA faculty and students from the Graduate School responding to research by Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan, Professor of Law at King’s College, who explores the legal ramifications of the Content-ID algorithm on YouTube. Attendees will witness the creative responses on display in the King’s College Art Room while conversing with Henning and two of his colleagues from King’s College. This exhibition will start on Wednesday 29th March, 15.00-19.00 and it can also be visited by appointment.

Finally, as part of the festival, CSVPA students and staff will work as Artists At Large, attending various talks and events. They will then utilize their artistic abilities to create responses to what they experienced. These rapid response exhibitions will be available both online and at Friar House, showcasing the creative documentation of the festival. Additionally, this creative showcase will form part of the University of Cambridge Public Engagement team’s official evaluation of this year’s festival. This will be an opportunity to experience the intersection of art and academic discourse. Join us at Friar House, 2a Free School Lane, CB2 3QA, on Saturday, April 1st, and Sunday, April 2nd, to witness the creative expressions inspired by the Cambridge Festival.