Art & Design Summer Course

Art and Design Summer School

If you are aged between 14 and 18 and interested in pursuing further studies in Art and Design, our weekly art and design programmes will provide you with a broad introduction to the subject. Weekly programmes are available in Photography, Painting & Drawing, Graphics & Illustration, Fashion Promotion and 3D Design.

About the course

  • Intensive classes with professional artists 
  • Evening social activities included
  • 1 full day excursion included per week
  • No English lessons included - international students will require a good level of English.

Course information

Age: 14-18
English Language level: IELTS 3.0+
Course length: 1 to 6 weeks - you choose how long you would like to stay
Lessons per week: art classes, plus excursions and evening activities
Entry dates: July, August
Fees: £1,300 per week (Summer 2018) - (includes registration fee, accommodation, meals and airport transfer fees)

What will I study?

This course is designed to provide you with a broad working knowledge of a range of specialist disciplines within art and design. It is ideal for students serious about pursuing further studies or a career in art and design. With direction from professional artists, classes are intensive and students are encouraged to produce a high standard of work in a different specialist area each week.

International students should have at least an intermediate level of English and can choose to combine their specialist weeks with separate weeks of Intensive English.

For 2018 you can choose between :

Photography: Digital & Film

You will use Cambridge as your inspiration to create an image portfolio. You will learn how to use different cameras and settings for best effect.

  • During the digital photography component you will learn to manipulate and print digital images on a computer before printing electronically.
  • During the film photography component you will learn all about taking and developing your own photographs from initial concept to printed image, including wet processes to develop film in black & white in the darkroom.  If you have your own digital SLR or traditional film SLR camera, please bring it with you.

If you have your own digital SLR or traditional Film SLR camera, please bring it with you.

Start dates:

  • Sunday 1st July 2018 to Sunday 8th July 2018
  • Sunday 8th July 2018 to Sunday 15th July 2018
  • Sunday 15th July 2018 to Sunday 22nd July 2018
  • Sunday 29th July 2018 to Sunday 5th August 2018


Painting & Drawing

Using wide range of mark making techniques in different materials you will explore contemporary painting and drawing using Cambridge as inspiration and being guided by your expert tutor.

  • Learn to draw from life, still life, objects, models and outside in different media, using shade, perspective and line.
  • Learn to use a variety of media such as watercolour, acrylic, pastels, using Cambridge as your inspiration.

Start dates:

  • Sunday 1st July 2018 to Sunday 8th July 2018
  • Sunday 15th July 2018 to Sunday 22nd July 2018
  • Sunday 29th July 2018 to Sunday 5th August 2018

Graphics & Illustration

Using both traditional and digital techniques you will explore contemporary communication design and narrative Illustration, producing either a finished piece of graphics or illustrative work.

Start dates: Sunday 8th July 2018 to 15th July 2018

Fashion Promotion

Fashion promotion and communication is a multi-skilled creative discipline. Through styling, collage, photography, digital skills and social media we will introduce you to the key areas of visual communication within the fashion industry. All workshops will be carefully planned to teach skills needed to build a knowledge that equips you for further education in fashion media fields. This programme will give you the chance to study in central Cambridge in a fun and creative environment led by experienced tutors at CSVPA.

Start dates: Sunday 22nd July 2018 to 29th July 2018

3D Design

This new one-week 3D design course will give you the opportunity to explore different iconic materials used in product design, researching their properties and uses throughout history. You will be introduced to drawing techniques, 3D making skills as well as product photography allowing you to explore the product design process from concept development through to design. Access will be given to the College’s workshops giving you the opportunity to experiment and investigate materials before creating your 3D product.

Start dates: Sunday 5th August 2018 to Sunday 12th August 2018


This new and exciting one-week course is ideal for any budding animator starting out who wants to develop their traditional and digital techniques used in computer animation. Over the course of the week, you will understand the fundamental principles of character design, layout and story boarding. Using 2D and 3D character animation, together with editing conventions you will learn how to produced animated sequences and stories culminating in the creation of a short animated film.

Start dates: Sunday 15th July 2018 to Sunday 22nd July 2018

Game Design

Aimed at individuals who live for games, this creatively and technically demanding one-week course explores the creative possibilities in developing your own game. Using a range of software packages to create 3D characters and backgrounds you will learn how to develop game narratives, characters and plots. You will begin to think and work like a games designer, understanding how to create game challenges, rules and logic. By the end of the week you will have learnt how to prototype and develop the first level in a game. It will give you an important first step into understanding the games industry and ideal for students who are thinking about future development of their ideas into a more substantial piece of work.

Start dates: Sunday 22nd July 2018 to Sunday 29th July 2018