Embracing ‘otherness’ at CSVPA

Embracing ‘otherness’ at CSVPA

June is a month of vibrant celebration and empowerment as the world comes together to observe Pride Month. During this time, CSVPA are acknowledging and honouring the LGBTQIA+ community by exploring the theme of inclusivity, acceptance, and respect for all individuals. 

As an international institution, we believe in embracing diversity in all forms. Our student and staff population hail from all over the world, from all different walks of life. Despite the many differences in the backgrounds of our community, we are committed to creating a nurturing environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

To begin this month of awareness we are exploring the importance of individuality, as exemplified by the inspiring work of one of our former students, Aisha.

Our exceptional MA Art & Design alumnus, Aisha, beautifully highlighted the significance of individuality and embracing one’s true self with her work. Aisha, an advocate for self-expression and acceptance, shared her experiences of exploring her own unique personality and celebrating individuality.