This policy covers CSVPA boarding fees (tuition and accommodation). Please ask request further details before booking if required.

Any refund due will only be returned to the original fee payer and by the original payment method. All refunds will be processed in line with applicable laws and legal restrictions.

x – non-refundable    ✔  – refundable

ReasonRegistration fee Deposit First Term/Semester’s Fees (#1) 
Where a student receives a Visa refusal   
Standard visa refusal (any visa refusal not including the items below)x✔✔
Due to Immigration Authorities error (#2)x✔✔
Due to CATS Global Schools (CGS) processing error✔✔✔
Due to fraud (or deemed fraudulent by UKVI) or ignoring our visa advice or UKVI requestsxxx
Where a student withdraws from their course before arrival   
Withdrawal in writing within 14 days after payment (cooling-off period)✔✔✔
Due to exceptional circumstances (#3)xSubject to your own insurance claimSubject to your own insurance claim
With no exceptional circumstances but more than 14 days prior to start of termxx✔
With no exceptional circumstances less than 14 days prior to start of termxxx
Where a student is refused a CAS/CoE/I20 by CSVPA
Where a student can’t achieve the entry requirements on the conditional offerx✔✔
Due to an attempt to misrepresent personal circumstancesxx✔
Due to suitability/credibility concerns following interview e.g. level of English or course aimsx✔✔
Where a course is cancelled by CSVPA   
An alternative study plan is accepted then subsequently cancelled by the studentxx
An alternative study plan is offered which is rejected by the student✔✔
Where it is not possible to offer an alternative study plan suitable for student✔✔✔

Withdrawals Post Arrival (#4)


Registration fee Tuition Deposit Current Term/Semester + Next Term/Semester Fees
Due to exceptional circumstances (#3)xSubject to your own insurance claimSubject to your own insurance claim
With no exceptional circumstancesxxx
Where a student is expelledxxx

(#1) Including any additional course fees e.g. Lab fee or Art & Design fee as well as accommodation fees for CATS Global Schools.

(#2) An Administrative appeal with Immigration Authorities must be submitted to enable a refund

(#3) Exceptional circumstances for withdrawal are at the discretion of your insurance company and may include: Illness which prevents the student from studying and close family bereavement. Evidence will be required.

(#4) Post arrival includes any student after initial arrival in the college – for example students continuing a 2 year course or starting a new course at the same centre

Refunds will be issued within 20 working days of receiving full refund paperwork – Bank charges pertaining to any refund will be payable by the beneficiary