Reo Ma

BA (Hons) Fashion Design
Graduated from CSVPA and now runs his own fashion label "Reo Ma".

Reo Ma

Reo Ma is a fashion designer. He began as a stylist for I.T Beijing Market and then in 2009 founded a local Hong Kong brand, Impression.

He first joined CSVPA in 2009 in the Pre-Foundation course before moving onto BA Fashion Design. After graduating from his undergraduate degree, Reo sold his final year collection in the UK, Italy and Hong Kong. He now operates under his own label 'Reo Ma' in Hong Kong.

When did you study at CSVPA and what programme did you study?
I first joined CSVPA in 2009 and I started the Pre-Foundation before moving on the BA Fashion Design.

Why did you decide to study for your degree at CSVPA rather than go to another UK university?
I did my degree at CSVPA rather than go to another UK university because it is better to work within a class that is made up of a small group of students. Cambridge is also one of my favourite places in the world.

Do you think your experiences and opportunities on the degree programme helped you in your career?
To be successful you need to work really hard and it is down to you. I applied for a lot of different internship in Paris and Beijing during my study time in CSVPA.

Looking back did you value your time you spent at CSVPA?
Looking back I really valued my time at the College and I really miss it. I met my best friend in this school, we do everything together and the teachers are so supportive and they spend so much time helping us individually. I still ask for help from my pattern making tutor, and she gives me all the time I need, and I am not even a student anymore!

What would you say to a student who wants to be a Fashion Designer?
It is not easy being fashion designer, especially if you want to be an avant-garde designer like me. You need to work smart and work hard.

"The facilities are amazing. You have everything you need in one building."

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