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Using wide range of mark making techniques in different materials you will explore contemporary painting and drawing using Cambridge as your inspiration and being guided by your expert tutor. You will visit a local gallery and build your skills to include a wide range of contextual perspective and create a strong body of visually interesting works.

About this Course

Learn from Professionals
This programme will give you the chance to study in central Cambridge in a fun and creative environment led by experienced tutors at CSVPA.

Broaden your Skills in the Industry
Drawing is the basis for any creative art. This course is ideal for those that want to pursue careers in fine art and illustration. It also provides a foundation for different creative disciplines including graphics, fashion, 3D and Animation. The activities on this course help you to think creatively and challenge your mind set and approach to artistic problems. You will also have the opportunity to visit galleries and museums and gather research to inform your own responses.

Develop your Skills in
Observation and self-expression | Print making | Collage | Mixed media Drawing | Still life

ingle en-suite room
Meals are included (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Excursions are also included


Programme outcomes

  1. You will gain inspiration from visiting worlld-class Cambridge Museums and galleries
  2. You will develop your understanding through experimentation with a multitude of painting and drawing techniques
  3. You will have the opportunity to discuss your work and share your ideas with tutors that are industry professionals


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