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Aimed at individuals who live for games, this creatively and technically demanding one-week course explores the creative possibilities in developing your own game. Using a range of software packages to create 3D characters and backgrounds you will learn how to develop game narratives, characters and plots. You will begin to think and work like a games designer, understanding how to create game challenges, rules and logic. It will give you an important first step into understanding the games industry and ideal for students who are thinking about future development of their ideas into a more substantial piece of work.

About this course

Learn from professionals
This programme will give you the chance to study in central Cambridge in a fun and creative environment led by experienced tutors at CSVPA.

Broaden your Skills in the Industry
Throughout the week, you will learn how to design and build a sector piece for a game, start to design the backdrops on paper and research using Padlet for mood boards You will also gain an understanding of concepts for games, game engines and will receive an introduction to texturing.

Develop your Skills in:
Concepts for games | Designing and building a sector piece for a game | Texturing | Unity; Games Engines | Maya

Single en-suite room
Meals are included (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Excursions are also included


Programme outcomes

  1. You will have explored a range of practical concepts in creating a sector piece for a game
  2. You will have had the opportunity to solve creative briefs through a range of techniques and skills guided by our highly experienced staff
  3. You will have a basic understanding of game engines
  4. You will be able to create basic texturing


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