Week 1

Sunday Arrival, induction and campus tour Dinner Evening Activities
Monday Breakfast Introduction to brief
Introduction to each other
Introduction to a list of stylists who are emerging and creating new images
Lunch Team Fashion styling and illustration workshop Team Fashion photography workshop Club Night
Tuesday Break into groups to research into a film for visual ideas and concepts.
Create mood boards for visual ideas; make up, fashion, hair, set, props, lighting, composition, narrative.
Collect and gather things that could be used
Create fashion images from mood boards Print out a series of 6 images per group to present as an editorial Bowling
Wednesday Break into different groups and create a visual series of mood boards to tell a narrative around nature and animals. Create images from mood boards Print out a series of 6 images per group to present as an editorial Late Night Shopping
Thursday Working solo create a narrative and collect imagery to support them and collate into a mood board.
After break, In groups create a timetable of shoots for the next day.
Support each other by collecting props and fashion to tell each solo fashion story
All are encouraged to start photographing each story.
Each solo story will be 4 images only telling a fashion narrative through styling and story telling 
Picnic in the Park
Friday Go out in teams and finish your shooting and styling Printing out and exhibition The Big Weekend
Saturday Included Full Dy Excursion: Southwold, Walking Tour and beach Chill out Evening
Sunday Departure

This sample timetable is illustrative and is subject to change. We reserve the right to amned this two week schedule without prior notice.

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