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This new one-week 3D design course will give you the opportunity to explore different iconic materials used in product design, researching their properties and uses throughout history. You will be introduced to drawing techniques, 3D making skills as well as product photography allowing you to explore the product design process from concept development through to design. Access will be given to the college's workshops giving you the opportunity to experiment and investigate materials before creating your 3D product.

About this Course

Learn from Professionals
This programme will give you the chance to study in central Cambridge in a fun and creative environment led by experienced tutors at CSVPA.

Broaden your Skills in the Industry
Exploring idea generation through material investigation and fabricating processes, you will gain an understanding of the basic skills required for a wide range of 3D design disciplines. Through experimentation and quick fire responses to the brief, you will start to understand the idea behind key 3D Design principles, including scale, abstraction, material, structure, form movement and colour and their place within wider design pathways.

Develop your Skills in
Material understanding | Model fabrication | Basic digital skills including use of laser cutter | Presentation | Idea generation and development | Conceptual thinking

Single en-suite room
Meals are included (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Excursions are also included


Programme outcomes

  1. You will, through problem solving, create 10 outcomes answering the brief based around redesigning a single object
  2. You will utilise state of the art laser cutter technology to prototype conceptual ideas
  3. Project will culminate in a group presentation of outcomes that peers will be able to discuss new ideas and skills developed over the week's activities


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