Developmental Play (All students)

Develop a strong, positive group dynamic and a spirit of freedom and possibility in the work through theatre games, trust exercises, and the exploration of improvisation techniques.

Drama Skills (All students)

Explore the fundamentals of drama and basic performance work, as well as effective communication skills, through tableau and transition, mime, structured improvised scenes, puppetry, mask work, introductory stagecraft, and devising.

Music Appreciation (All students)

Broaden your musical horizons by engaging with different musical forms from different periods of musical history.

World Music (All students)

Examine different styles of music from around the world within the context of the cultures from which they emerged, and consider their impact and influence on the ‘world of music’ as a whole.

Contemporary Dance (All students)

Begin to develop physical freedom as well as co-ordination, rhythm, timing and stage presence through focussed skills work as well as set choreography.

Music Theory (Music Specialism)

Deepen your understanding of the theoretical aspects of music through classes that are tailored to your personal level of knowledge.

Aural Skills (Music Specialism)

Learn skills of musicianship, including ear training, sight-reading and music dictation.

Composition (Music Specialism)

Delve into the rudimentary aspects of musical composition and begin to apply this knowledge to the crafting of your own musical pieces.

Recording (Music Specialism)

Develop basic proficiency with the software and begin to apply the techniques involved in recording, mixing and producing music.

Introduction to Acting (Drama Specialism)

Engage with the craft of acting by studying and applying the techniques developed by practitioners, such as Stanislavski and Brecht, to verbatim studies, monologue work, duologue work, group scenes and short plays.

Script Study and Writing Skills (Drama Specialism)

Explore various theatrical forms through the study and analysis of individual plays, and discover some fundamental techniques an actor can use to make a text more accessible in terms of character choices and overall storytelling.

Dance (Drama Specialism)

Learn and practice specific techniques across various styles of dance and work to develop precision, dynamism and confidence in the performance of choreographic phrases and short pieces.

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