16 years +

Educational Level

Successful completion of Secondary Education (year 10 or year 11 depending on native country) is needed or 3 GCSEs at grade 4 or C or equivalent, preferably in a relevant creative subject.

Students who do not meet these entry requirements will still be considered on their own individual potential to succeed.

English Level
IELTS 4.5+ (no element under 4.0)

Audition Requirement - Drama Pathway
1 x monologue or song delivered from memory and in English

Audition Requirement - Music Pathway
1 x piece of your choice

Awarding Body
University of the Arts London Awarding Body


Course Length
6 terms (after the first 3 terms students will move onto the Drama or Music Foundation pathway)

Contact Time
Up to 30 hours per week

English Language
Up to 5 hours per week if required

Music or Drama Foundation

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