Musical Theatre

Working from the same overall ethos as the Classical & Contemporary Acting course, our Musical Theatre stream is designed to cultivate the strong singing and dancing skills that define the genre, and also to help you grow and develop as sensitive, imaginative, expressive, emotionally-connected actors who are well grounded in good technique. This actor-driven ethos infuses every element of the performance-related aspects of the course; the teaching team work closely together to ensure that authenticity in character development and storytelling are at the heart of the work. At the same time, you are provided with regular technique classes to expand your repertoire of performance skills, to refine and advance the skills you already have, and to encourage proficiency in the theoretical elements that underpin the art form.

The Musical Theatre Foundation is a dynamic, challenging and multi-faceted course that demands versatility, energy, self-motivation, and the ability to integrate several distinct performance skills into one unified whole. Developing these abilities requires commitment and self-discipline; however, at CSVPA, you are supported by a team of highly experienced and dedicated teachers every step of the way.


This programme offers dance classes every day, in addition to ballet classes.  Dance styles include:

  •     Jazz
  •     Lyrical
  •     Tap
  •     Commercial Dance

We also offer the ability to learn to “sell” choreographic compositions with precision, energy and flair and how to incorporate singing and dancing together.

The Award

At the end of the year upon successful completion you will be awarded the Trinity Level 4 Diploma in Performing.

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