• Two pieces contrasting in style representative of two different historical periods of piano repertoire.
  • Scales played two octaves hands together in the keys of:
    • E major, Bb major, d harmonic minor
  • Applicants may be asked to sight read if auditioning in person.


Classical Singing

  • Two pieces of contrasting styles representative of two different historical periods of vocal repertoire.
  • It is preferred (but not necessary) that the applicant sing at least one piece in a language other than their own first language.

Pop Singing

  • Two pieces of contrasting styles (eg rock, pop, jazz, blues).


Two pieces of contrasting styles from the following lists:

    • Classical/Flamenco
    • Acoustic Rock/Pop
    • Acoustic Folk/Blues
    • Rock (Rock, Blues, Funk, Metal, Pop etc.)
    • Jazz

Woodwind / Brass

  • Two pieces contrasting in style: one lyrical and one technical showcasing musicianship and sound.
  • Both pieces should show developing tone production and finger technique.
  • Please prepare all major scales up to four sharps and four flats.

Other Items Required

Students must complete a:

  • Background information form
  • Music Theory test

Both forms must be supplied when applying for the course.

The Music Theory test needs to be completed under exam conditions. It is used to gauge the student’s knowledge and understanding of music to ensure the course it pitched at the right level. There is no pass or fail to the test, but will be used in conjunction with all the other elements to establish overall suitability to the course.

Audition Requirements

• 1 x monologue (classical or contemporary) • 2 minutes delivered from memory 
• 2 songs taken from the musical theatre repertoire - 1 x traditional - 1 x contemporary 
• Songs must be accompanied by piano or a backing track if you are submitting a video audition 
• If you are attending an audition in person, an accompanist will be provided for your audition. Please bring sheet music for your songs in the keys in which you perform them.

For more information about how to prepare for your audition download our useful guide


What we look for in an audition

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