An Introduction to our Music Foundation

In today’s world it is not only important to be able to play your instrument well, but it is vital to understand the history of the craft and where everything originated from. Computers are at the heart of everything we do; the ability to be able to use the software, make your own recording, mix it, improve the sound and set up a microphone are all important skills if you are to become an accomplished musician.

If you are looking for a place at a university music department you will be well prepared for higher education, having undertaken aural training, music research and performance. At a music university department your study will be more academically based; you will study a broader range of content of which performance is one element. If you are looking for a place at a Conservatoire, you will be given the opportunity to under take extensive preparation for entrance examinations and auditions. At a Conservatoire there will be more of a focus upon performance. You will be encouraged to build links within the music industry through course projects and key units throughout the year.

The Award

At the end the year upon successful completion you will be awarded the University of the Arts London Awarding Body Extended Diploma in Performing & Production Arts.

“The Music Foundation really prepares you for the next steps, for university or Conservatoire. The staff are really flexible and supportive. Cambridge feels like home, it is safe, friendly and not scary."

Hyuk Namkoong | Destination – Royal Academy of Music


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