Classical & Contemporary Acting

Actor training has two distinct facets.  The first to do with the holistic development of the human being that allows them to expand their imagination and empathetic capacities, to deepen their sensitivity to the broad spectrum of human experience and emotion, and to push the boundaries of their willingness and ability to connect with and express powerful and often painful feelings with freedom and authenticity. The second concerns the training of the actor’s ‘instruments’ – his/her body and their voice – and the mastery of the technical elements of performance that enables an actor to communicate effectively with an audience. These two facets of work often feel at odds with one another – pure feeling versus pure technique – but when an actor can build within him or herself a strong bridge between them, that is when the magic happens. And that is when the actor, as a skilled creative ar tist, is at his/her most powerful.

On our Classical & Contemporary Acting Foundation, our goal is to help you grow and progress in all of these aspects of an actor’s craft. Our programme is strongly focussed on the development of the individual as a whole human being – physically, emotionally and intellectually. The work is geared to help improve confidence, emotional accessibility, physical and mental stamina, openness, focus, willingness to explore and experiment, intuition and instinct, trust, presence, independent thinking skills, self-discipline and motivation, as well as a strong work ethic.  You will be supported as you go through this process. However, the C&C Acting course also provides a strong grounding in all aspects of technique and skills-building, as well as varied opportunities to rehearse and perform, which allow you to work towards building that crucial bridge.

The Award

At the end of the year upon successful completion you will be awarded the Trinity Level 4 Diploma in Performing.

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