Hip Hop / Breakdancing

In the hip hop section of the dance course we aim to introduce everyone to the foundational steps of a multitude of styles which include popping, locking, house, hip hop grooves and breaking. We do this to expand student knowledge within the style of Street dance. We will also look at freestyle and choreography in class as these skills are essential within the professional dance industry.

Modern Dance

Modern classes will have a free element, exploring different ways of how the individual moves in the space and on the floor. Students will be encouraged to be creative and improve on understanding and awareness of how to use their own body in an inquisitive and captivating way.


The ballet course provides students with strong technique and understanding of the basic requirements for ballet. Through a structured programme of floor work, barre and centre practice the students learn how to maintain correct posture and how to correctly use their turnout, while also developing a knowledge of the French vocabulary and common dance patterns. By the end of the year they will be confident in dancing short sequences and responding to a variety of music, leaving them well prepared for college auditions.


Students will work on developing the foundations of Jazz technique through a variety of exercises focused on improving strength, flexibility, and performance skills. Students will be challenged by working on a range of jazz styles and contrasting routines in preparation for their dance auditions.


The tap course provides initial training in rhythm, musicality and control. The students learn a large range of vocabulary and they experience dancing in a variety of tap-styles including urban, jazz and musical theatre. Emphasis is placed on rhythmical understanding and the students will also learn to choreograph their own work and become confident in basic improvisation. The successful completion of this course will see students well-prepared to attend other classes or auditions.

Creative Movement

These sessions will explore how through movement we can be inspired to tell stories in new and innovative ways. Unique movement vocabulary can be devised from unexpected starting points and it is through this creative process that new choreography emerges. Students are led on a revealing and liberating journey, connecting narrative, emotion and character with movement.

Dance Conditioning

Focus will be on strength training in dance conditioning class. Students will work on core strength and flexibility through a series of balanced exercises aimed at contributing to a dancer’s physical development.

Dance Project

Starting with a given theme- the students learn the skills of choreography through a process of improvisation, selecting and refining material and developing movement sequences to a performance standard. Students will gain an insight into the choreographic process and will be putting this into practice with guidance and support.

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