How to Apply: Audition Days

Admission to this course is by attending an audition.  

Attending an audition day will give you an opportunity to see how we intend to work with you and gives us the occasion to audition you holistically by observing your group work skills, in addition to your individual audition.  

To sign up for an audition please contact our Student Advice team on: or call us on +44 (0) 1223 447792.

Please note that a non-refundable audition registration fee applies.

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How to Apply: International Students

International students who cannot attend the audition in person, can audition via DVD/Video/YouTube. This must be submitted with your application form. Following this you may also be asked to attend a Skype interview as well.

Audition Requirements

Candidates must perform two contrasting dance solos of approximately 90 seconds in length. Please use these solos to show your stylistic strengths and passion. We will be looking for technique, strength, versatility and connection with the music/style.

Please bring any music needed for your dance solos on your laptop or phone. We will have a sound system you can connect to with a small jack (the jack will be there for you to use). Please do not bring your music on USB or CD.

Clothing for the dance audition needs to be fitted and streamlined so the audition panel can see the lines and shapes your body is creating. For example, a sports vest and leggings/well-fitting tracksuit bottoms or dance trousers. Please bring either trainers with cushioned sole or jazz shoes. The ballet section of the audition will require ballet slippers, tights/leotard or t-shirt and leggings/dance trousers. If you have long hair, please have what you need to be able to put it up. Dancing in bare feet is permitted for some sections of the audition.

For more information about how to prepare for your audition download our useful guide


What we look for in an audition

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