A 6 term course designed for students who have a passion for music, acting, dance or singing, but don't have the skills or experience necessary to apply directly onto our Music or Drama Foundation

This programme will develop your skills in the performing arts whilst allowing you to specialise in the area of your choice before progressing onto the Music Foundation or Drama Foundation upon successful completion. Regardless of whether you are following a music or drama pathway, you will have the opportunity to explore different elements of performance giving useful insight into any given speciality.

  • If you wish to train in music, this discipline requires technical, theoretical and historical study. The Extended Diploma will help you to focus on these areas whilst giving you access to greater improvisation and relaxation techniques. The physical work will positively impact your posture and breathing and the drama classes will encourage your expression, sensitivity and performance practice.
  • As a drama student, you will also benefit from the music classes improving the potential of your own singing voice as well as recording techniques and discussions on trends in the current music industry.

At the end the year upon successful completion you will be awarded the University of the Arts London Awarding Body Diploma in Production & Performing Arts, you can then progress onto either the Music Foundation or Drama Foundation at CSVPA to achieve the Extended Diploma.

The UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Performing & Production Arts is quality assured by UAL Awarding Body through a rigorous external moderation process and grades are monitored against agreed national standards.  It is also regulated by Ofqual.

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  • Ge Fang

    Drama Foundation

    "We are rehearsing a very famous play at the moment for our end of year performance. There is a lot of physical training on this course. This is very good for drama as the physical training helps you with your performances. I am now just applying for a Theatre Directing course. CSVPA is a very good environment to study in and the teachers are really nice and are genuinely concerned about students and their development. It is only a one year course but it is so intense and so very beneficial that it really prepares us for the next step in our career."

    Destination: MA Directing at East 15

  • Joe Pietro Abela

    Music Foundation

    "I sing, play drums, guitar, cello, harmonica and piano - I started the saxophone since coming to CSVPA. My main development is having a more advanced sense of music in general, including the theory and even knowledge of the history of music. This course has helped me understand the instruments better than I used to and helped me become a better musician over all. At CSVPA I have enjoyed the recording classes the most and the fact that you focus on an instrument and you are given more practical skills as well as the history and context of what you are doing."

    Destination: Tech Music School, London

  • Isabella Williams

    Drama Foundation

    "At the auditions for CSVPA were held at RADA in London. It was a very in depth audition day and I could see how amazing the training would be from the CSVPA tutors. I now have a place at Birmingham School of Acting. I have had so  much support, it is the best Foundation course for that. The tutors look at the pieces and you get one on ones and lots of support. My favourite thing is the teaching - it is so in depth, you don't realise how intense it is every day - it is very rigorous. This course gets you in good stead for an acting career, it is the best thing I have ever done! If I hadn't done the course at CSVPA I wouldn't have got into the school of acting I want to go to."

    Destination: Birmingham Conservatoire - Acting

  • Jianan Wong

    Music Foundation

    "I play the piano and analyse music, alongside lots of different areas of music that we study here. Playing the piano is my favourite, including the Mozart and Chopin pieces we are playing at the moment. Cambridge is a beautiful place and it is really nice to study in such a famous city. I am moving onto Geenwich University in London to study Music at Trinity. This course has prepared me well for the next stage in my career and my skills have really improved."

    Destination: Trinity Laban Conservatoire, London

  • Moonjeong Kim

    Extended Diploma in Performing Arts – Acting

    “I chose CSVPA because it was an international school, so it would be very easy for me to adapt to.

    It also gave me the opportunity to learn English alongside my studies, as my English needed a little work.”

    Destination: Acting East 15 Acting School

  • George Martin

    BA (HONS) Fashion

    “The BA course has pushed me to develop further than I Previously imagined I could of done! I have deeply enjoyed my years at Cambridge and have learnt so much than I expected possible in such a short space of time.”

  • Thomas Cannon

    BA (HONS) Graphics and Illustration

    "The course was amazing from start to finish. I matured as an artist and a designer, and I would not have gone anywhere else."

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