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We're so excited to have Min Bin, an alumni from our Art & Design Foundation course return to CSVPA for our BA Fashion course. We recently caught-up with Min Bin who was 'Student of the Year' in 2018 and asked her to share her experience on our foundation course in her own words...

You’re coming back next year and we couldn’t be more excited! Why have you chosen to return to CSVPA and study our BA Fashion course?

I decided to come back based on the positive experience I had during my foundation course. With the support international students receive, the intimate class sizes that enables students to have in-depth conversations with the professors, and the passionate professors who are can share their industry experience, I know that returning to CSVPA would give me the best learning opportunity and experience.

Why did you choose to study our Art & Design Foundation course with us?

I chose CSVPA because I knew I would have a personal tutor, considerable support and access to the studio and facilities seven days a week, which is really important as an international student.

Was there anything you were nervous about before starting the course?

Before starting the course, I was really nervous. I was worried about keeping up and understanding everything in class as students are taught in English. However, the teachers clearly explained the contents of the class to make it easier to understand and the school provided English classes to boost my English skills.

Would you recommend the course?

I would definitely recommend the course! CSVPA really care for their students. For international students, taking classes taught in English can be difficult. However, the CSVPA tutors were able to support me, answer any questions that I had and really cared about making my work better.

Throughout the course, I was encouraged to develop my own design ideas. My tutors and peers helped me better my work through constructive criticism and gave me advice that would challenge my initial concepts and processes. After school, I could also work with a range of materials in the studio because it was open late and the stationery store was close to the studio.

Did you feel supported by your teachers throughout the course?

I felt very supported by my teachers. They helped me broaden my artistic thoughts and perspective and taught me how to create work with a variety of materials. I also learnt how to present my work and express my thoughts in English, which can be a big problem for international students.

What skills did you learn on the course?

I learned so many skills, for example, laser cutting, resin and repousse. The most memorable lesson was the skill of applying gold to pottery, called ‘gold lustre’, which is a dark brown liquid which you apply to clay with a brush. You then fire the clay and it’s wonderful to see the stunning gold colour. I used this skill for my final project and made porcelain jewellery!

How did the course inspire you or motivate you?

The course motivated me to major in 3D design. While working in the studio I realised that I am fond of transforming 2D objects into 3D forms and I am excited to decorate and match different colours to them.

Did the course help you grow in confidence?

Before starting the course, I didn’t know what I was really good at, and I was confused about what I wanted to study in the future. At the end of the course, I gained confidence because I found that I am good at 3D design and interested in fashion, I also got an offer from the university that I wanted to go.

Did you enjoy studying in Cambridge?

I absolutely loved studying in Cambridge. It's the perfect place to study. There's lots of fresh air and greenery, it's such a peaceful region! The neighborhood looks small but there is a big shopping mall full of foreign restaurants. When the weather is good, you can go to the beautiful parks or enjoy punting on the river.

Is there anything about your experience that you would like to add?

The most memorable thing during the course was the final project. I made a barnacle facial adornment with porcelain clay. To do this, I made a cast of my face and put barnacles on it. It was a long process to make barnacle jewellery pieces but I was proud of myself when I saw my final work in the exhibition. 

Can you summarise your experience on the course in 3 words?

If I had to summarise my experience on the course in 3 words I would say ‘creativity is intelligence’. Creative work requires creativity. Every process of project development required creative thinking. During the project, I had to think about how to approach the subject, which materials to use, and how to express my work.

If you could give a few words of inspiration to inspire future students, what would those words be?

I would say ‘jump into creative life.’ And ‘don’t lose any chances that inspire you.’

Check out more of Min Bin's work and browse through her Foundation portfolio here.



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