Tips to combat loneliness from our Head of Welfare

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This week we are celebrating Mental Health Awareness Week, hosted by the Mental Health Foundation. This year, the theme is loneliness, which affects millions of people worldwide, including young people. We spoke to our Head of Welfare at CSVPA to hear his tips on how to combat loneliness as a young person in an international school.

Advice for students


Interacting with staff and peers

Interacting as much as you can throughout the day with boarding staff, teachers, non-teaching staff and other students is a very important step to combatting loneliness in a school environment. Making new friends and talking about your feelings is a great way to feel more involved within our school community.


Reaching out

Talking to your friends, peers, or staff members is a great step toward combatting loneliness in a school environment. Find people that you feel comfortable with and start building conversations. You don’t have to discuss that you’re feeling lonely if you don’t want to, but talking to people is a great way to feel less lonely and find new people you have things in common with.


Getting involved

Getting involved with extra-curricular activities at the school can be a great way to occupy your mind and combat loneliness. At CSVPA, we have many activities for students to take part in, for example, Dance classes and Singing classes.


CSVPA provide counselling to all students who require it and can even offer pathways to NHS mental health support if needed. All staff are trained in spotting students who may need support and passing them onto our welfare team, who are all trained mental health first aiders.


If you are studying at CSVPA and are having issues with your mental health, we are here to help! We have many members of staff within our schools who are trained to support you with your problems and help you feel at home.




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