Student Story: Georgina Hart

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In this interview we catch up with Georgina, one of our 3rd year BA(Hons) Fashion Design students. Georgina started her degree course at another university in the UK but came to CSVPA to finish her final year because she wanted somewhere where she could become an individual and express herself through design.

“In my 3rd year I had a placement year but there was not much support while we were out on placement from the university. When I was due to come back for my final year, out of then 80 of us, only 20 got to do a full final collection and out of that, only 15 got to take part in the show at London Graduate Fashion Week! That was the deal breaker for me, because when you have been working so hard for so many years, your final collection and showing it at Fashion Week is the most important thing to you. I was so disappointed so I decided to come to CSVPA to finish my final year because I knew it was guaranteed.

At my previous university there was a very strong house style. They liked students to design to a very modern Scandinavian or Eastern minimal style which is amazing, and some people do it really well, but you also get good designers who cannot design to that style. When I was considering coming to CSVPA I came to the Graduate Fashion Show in London, and I spoke to some of the 3rd year students and they were saying how all their final collections were polar opposites. One had done a neon collection and another was all androgynous and just black and white. Seeing the final CSVPA show for me was really important.

My parents were watching the show and my mum said this school is really good because all the final collections were different, there is no common thread, they are not all one style. In my final year it is really good because in my class not one collection is the same, they are all different and the design tutor, Teerabul is amazing at just getting on-board with whatever you want to do. I had my first toile review for my final collection yesterday and I was so nervous because I thought it was going to be like “we don’t like your collection, your concept, your thing or style” but it was all about fit.They had accepted my concept and were critiquing against what I said I wanted to do and my research and telling me how to do it better and take it further. They never told me not to do it, which is how it was at my old university.

For my final collection I am researching the British Empire, well that was my first starting point. I had looked at some of the first illustrated maps and I had had a tutorial with my Design tutor. The next day Terrabul came in wearing this massive poncho and it was covered in maps. He wanted to show it to me because of the colour scheme, because it was maps and because it related to my theme. I could not believe he had gone home, found something in his wardrobe and wore it in just for me! He is always doing stuff like that and bringing in fabrics or patterns he has used that would be helpful.

Being a student at CSVPA I feel so well supported by all the tutors both in my work and my welfare. It feels like a very free and inspiring place to work where I can do anything I want to and I have the people around me to help me to do the best I can. I am so grateful to everyone for this experience.”


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