Student Story: Emma-Amalie Mathilde Rode

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"What I have really liked about the school is, in the first few weeks, you get to work together with all three years, so you get to know everyone because we are in one big studio. I think it is really impor tant for us to be able to talk to each other and have a really good studio vibe.

It has been really enjoyable having these one day projects at the beginning because it has allowed us to get to know each other and the lecturers.
Now the induction period has finished and we have just star ted to work on our own projects it is even better because it is structured and there is a sense of seriousness.

This is actually a bachelor degree you are doing, but at the same time there is still the underlying theme that you should have fun and enjoy what you are doing. It is hard work but it is enjoyable at the same time and I think that is a really good combination."

“Before coming here I did an Art & Design Foundation in London, we only had three days a week teaching and you had to be self-motivating, so you didn’t learn anything. You had a few intense weeks but it was not that intense and you had to learn from the work you did, rather than having tutors by your side like you have here at CSVPA. The class sizes on my foundation were also much bigger.

At CSVPA it is so much better because you have smaller classes, you have a full week of lectures so you can work intensely and you can get the help you need because the teachers are always in the studios. There is a real sense of this is our working space together; teachers and students. And it is so enjoyable to listen to the teachers and it lifts the spirits in the studio.

When we have our crit sessions, they never put any of our ideas down. There is no right or wrong answer, they don’t tell you to change your ideas, they offer suggestions on the different ways to approach things. They tell you to stick to your ideas and tell you how to develop them. It is good because you get some criticism but it is constructive criticism that you can use to develop your ideas.

I love the fact that you have your own desk and iMac in the studio and it is yours and itworks! In my last university we had one big room and everyone in the whole building had to use the computers and they never worked. So it’s great that fact that you have one place to store your work, you don’t have to save it in lots of different places, you can just sit there every morning and afternoon and you know that it is your space. It is really comforting.

Cambridge is such a great city to study in. Compared to London it is so much quieter and nicer. In London you have the constant noise and pollution but in Cambridge you can walk everywhere. I am the sort of person who is not into the big student life, but the beautiful thing about Cambridge is it has the perfect balance. The student life is there and available to everyone and is easy to find, but if you want that quieter life you can have that as well. I need to recharge my batteries because the course is so intense but it is really nice to know that the student life is just round the corner when I want it.”




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