Performing Arts Graduate Dreams Of Becoming An Actress

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Interview with Flora Rimar Extended Diploma student in Performing Arts. We asked Flora what her experience was like studying at CSVPA and what she aspires to do in the future. Read about Flora's work and inspirations to see if CSVPA is for you.

My name is Flóra Rimár, I am seventeen years old and I am from Hungary, Budapest. My biggest goal is one day, to become an actress, particularly for stage, but if life offers me the possibility to act on screen I would not say no. 

  • What have you completed studying at CSVPA?

At Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts I was a first year Extended Diploma in Performing Arts student, which was so far the biggest milestone in my life.

  • Where did your interest in the course and subject stem from? 

Since I was very young I have always been passionate about theatre, especially acting, directing and script writing. I saw my first Shakespeare play when I was six, and when I was nine years old I joined a youth company in my home town. Once we went to perform in Serbia where our play was very successful . I only had one line and a little choreography to perform but I found it very enjoyable and of course it was only the first step.

I think I am very very fortunate with my parents as they took me to galleries, concerts and the theatre all around the world. To summarize, the way I was raised was an important ‘ingredient’ to my passion.

  • What classes did you enjoy at CSVPA? 

As an Extended Diploma student, I have done a wide range of classes including musical theatre and drama.

We had everything we needed from body percussion and hand drumming, group singing, voice classes, improvisation, ballet and contemporary dance classes. I cannot choose one but I would say, for me, the most important thing was to experience everything. I have never had the chance to study performing arts as intensively as here, so it was great to see how many different skills I would need to develop and get where I want to be.

  • How did CSVPA help you develop your skills and passion? 

Oh, Lord, where to start? The teachers and students are very friendly and supportive, which was very handy for me at the beginning. At first, I was quite anxious and they were very kind and understanding. It made everything a lot easier. The one to one sessions we had twice a week (one for singing and one for monologues) really helped me grow. It was great that we had this time with the teachers where they focused on the needs of the individuals rather than the entire class. These lessons also helped a lot with my confidence and flexibility, as well as developing further skills. In general, CSVPA helped me to get closer to the human being I would like to be. 

  • What is the project you are most proud of and why? 

I was in two projects, the first one was the opening show at Sturton Street venue, Cirque du Sturton, which was a dance and movement based show. The second was for the Extended Diploma show in May called We Need to Talk. It was a verbatim devised piece.

Cirque du Sturton was a big challenge for me because I had never danced before, so I barely had any time to catch up with all the skills I needed. Under the rehearsals of We Need to Talk, I have made some great progress both in skills and confidence. I have also made some beautiful friendships.  We had a lovely rehearsal process, a great evening of the tech run, and two incredible shows. I cannot even describe my feelings about this with words.  So, to answer your question, I am very proud my final show ‘ We Need to Talk.” 

  • Who inspires you and your work? 

There are a lot of people I look up to within the ‘industry.’ For example one of my biggest childhood heroines is Julie Andrews, especially from the way she portrays the famous nanny Mary Poppins and her performance in The Sound of Music.

My other muse is Glenn Close who plays Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard on Broadway. I find these beautiful old ladies inspiring because they are playing year after year, and without any problem their voices are still the same as they were twenty - thirty years ago. It is great to see such a commitment.

On the other hand, I can see motivation and inspiration in simpler things such as sitting outside on the grass and singing, or singing while my brother plays the guitar. My other very big inspiration is music, classical and pop. They help my scriptwriting and creativity to take flight.

  • What was your best memory at CSVPA?

Lunch breaks . It might sound a bit silly and funny, but it was a great time of the day. Musical theatre, drama and extended students together, sitting, talking, and laughing. It was always a blessing and joyful moment. 

  • What would you say to someone thinking of studying at CSVPA ?

If you are truly passionate about the arts, Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts is the best choice you can make. They offer you extra support, exhibition opportunities, shows, mannequins for fashion students, the teachers are exceptionally great and the community is supportive. You will have the time of your life there I can reassure you.

  • What is the next exciting step in your career? 

For the next 18 months I will go and finish my A level studies in New Zealand. I will then return to do a foundation year at CSVPA. At least this is my plan for my future.

In terms of my career, I am continuously working on speeches and songs to widern my repertoire. I am currently working on two scripts, one of them is a musical titled 'An Old Man’s Tale',  the other one is a drama called 'The Child in Time'.

An Old Man’s Tale was inspired by Sting, and his play called The Last Ship. I was inspired by the music of the play and I am working on a new script for the music. The story is about Mihail, an old man who finds an envelope one day in his flat full with photographies of his past. We follow his young self back to his past. The Child in Time is a historical play. Jesus Christ returns to the Earth under the Nazi regim. A news reporter couple, Leon and Neele helps him around the main events of the Nazi power, such as the Reichstag fire or deportation of the jews. I enjoy this work, it keeps me engaged with my passion while I am learning different subjects as well and also it gives a good ground to my art philosophy which is that 'art should provoke one to think in any way possible'. 




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