Master's Student Shares His Experience At Esquire Magazine

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Over the summer some of our Master’s students were completing internships as part of the MA Art & Design. One of our students Drew Burns was lucky enough to secure one of the few internships being offered by media giants, Hearst Magazines UK.

Here is Drew’s story:

  • Could you tell be about the selection process you went through in order to get the internship at Hearst?

Earlier in the year all MA Art & Design students submitted their CV and covering letter.

We had to talk about why we wanted the internship at Hearst, how it related to our career ambitions and how a company like Hearst can help us achieve this. The team at Hearst then reviewed our application and selected those they wished to interview.

  • Who was on the interview panel?

When I went for my interview, I was faced with a panel interview with Johnny Davis, Deputy Editor of Esquire UK magazine and the Editor of The Big Black Book. I was really keen to work at Esquire because of my interest in luxury fashion and I had done a lot of research on the magazine for my final major project.

The interview was informal and conversational. Johnny and I spent a lot of time discussing the magazine industry, our favourite publications and obviously Esquire magazine. I was incredibly excited when I heard that I had been selected for a 6-week long internship, working for Esquire UK.

  • Can you explain a bit about the Esquire event you were working on?

The opportunity involved working on the Esquire Townhouse Event and with the Editorial Team.

The Esquire Townhouse is a 4-day event at the British Academy (1011 Carlton House Terrace; the former residence of British Prime Minister William Gladstone). The first event was launched last year to time with Esquire’s 25th anniversary. The 4 day schedule features over 40 curated ticketed events for readers spanning film, music, art, fashion, literature, sport, technology, science, current affairs, food, cars and travel. In a nutshell, bringing Esquire to life and offering the readers a truly immersive and educational experience.

  • What did your internship entail?  What was your typical day?

Working on this project meant I was organising different events and talking to PR agents and sometimes direct with celebrities! Celebrities included travel and sporting heroes to TV and film stars - at times it truly was surreal!

A typical day for me involved getting to the office at around 9:50am, I would check the daily news making sure I was up to date on everything going on and respond to any urgent emails. I would also get started on anything Tom Macklin (Entertainment Director/ Associate Editor), Will Hersey (Content Director) or any other members of the team had emailed me.

I was always really busy working on three or four different tasks at the same time with more emails than I had ever received to date. I primarily supported various members of the Esquire Team and sometimes Harper’s Bazaar and other publications too. Days usually ended at 6pm and often on Fridays we had drinks in the office and it was a great chance to meet everyone.

  • How did you enjoy your internship opportunity?

I really enjoyed the whole internship experience. Everyone at Hearst is really friendly and welcoming and it was such a great place to work and be a part of.

  • Why was it beneficial for your learning experience – what did you learn / get out of the whole experience?

Coming from a Graphic Design background it was really refreshing to work on commercial and editorial aspects of the magazine business. It was really challenging but such an amazing experience and it has really given me so much confidence now and made me rethink what kind of areas of industry I would like to work in.

I recently attended the event and it was really amazing to meet the people I had been speaking to and experience the event I was trying to describe to them. It is a really cool and inspiring event that you should definitely check out.

  • What advice would you give to any future MA students?

My advice to any future MA students is that your education is really for you and will be as much as you make it. You could choose anywhere to do your degree and just get a degree but if you want more CSVPA provide the platform, support and experience that will give you an industry edge and allow you to reach your full potential.

Me with Tom Macklin. For me, Tom was one of the biggest inspirations at Hearst. He really took time to teach and listen to me. He pushed me to do new things, trusting and believing in me when I was afraid.


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