Kate Slater - Top 3 Tips For Your Future Career In Graphics & Illustration

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Kate Slater shares her top three pieces of advice to better your chances at getting into your desired career. Read, take note and achieve big!

What top 3 pieces of advice would you give to our students who are wanting to make it into their desired career?

  1. I really believe it's largely a combination of determination and luck (as well as hopefully a little bit of talent!). So my number one piece of advice is don't give up! If you stick at something long enough, whether it's illustration or something else, you're much more likely to find a way to make it work. Freelance illustration can be unreliable and not very well paid, so every day you have to believe that it's worth it, that this really is the only thing you want to do. And that maybe, one day, you'll wake up in your 80s and find you're Judith Kerr or Quentin Blake!

  2. Treat your work as an illustrator like a business. This is something I've struggled with, and it is a bit weird when you are your own brand (especially in terms of the retail side of my work). If you don't have enough confidence in yourself and your work it can be really hard to find the motivation and inspiration. You also have to put as much effort into self-promotion as you do into creating beautiful work! (I don't always do this myself, so I'm not the best example, but it is true nonetheless!).
  3. Be creative in thinking of ways to make your business work! I've ended up with two quite distinct sides to my illustration career; there's the freelance part but also the retail side which began when I started selling a few cards on Etsy. This side of my work has really grown over the last 3 years and I now sell everything from tea towels to wrapping paper. I exhibited at my first trade show last year and am stocked in quite a few shops as well as selling through Not on the High Street. I really enjoy both aspects of my business, and although I often feel torn between the two, it is helpful to have an extra stream of income.

Thank you Kate! 


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