CSVPA to remain open

During month-long lockdown

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The UK Government has announced a month-long nationwide lockdown from Thursday 5 November to Wednesday 2 December to curb the spread of COVID-19.   


The new lockdown rules do not affect schools, colleges, and universities. CSVPA remains open. The UK Government stresses: “it remains very important for children and young people to attend [school], to support their wellbeing and education. Senior clinicians still advise that school is the best place for children to be.” 


The Prime Minister has been clear that exams will go ahead next summer, therefore it’s important students continue with their studies and teachers can prepare them for their exams.  


However, the lockdown does mean that people have been told to stay at home except for education, work (if it can't be done from home), exercise and recreation, medical reasons, shopping for food and other essentials, or to care for others. All restaurants, cafes, leisure facilities and non-essential shops will close.


I want to reassure you that we will continue to maintain the same high levels of education and care for all our studentsIn summary: 


Students health and wellbeing. We understand that this may be unsettling for your child, but I assure you they are in good hands. The teaching staff, pastoral and medical teams are available 24/7 to support them. Students will be briefed on what the lockdown means and how we will support them, with a reminder of the importance of good health and hygieneIf they have any concerns, we encourage them to speak to a member of staff. 


Classes will continue as normal. 


School and boarding environments. All existing COVID-19 health and safety protocols remain in place as outlined in our WeCare Pledge. This includes maintaining a social distance, the wearing of face coverings, encouraging good health and hand hygieneand frequent cleaning of the campus.  


Visitors will not be permitted on site unless essential for school operations. All essential visitors will adhere to a strict visitor protocol, which includes completing a health questionnaire, having their temperature taken and signing in with track and trace 


Independent accommodation. Students in independent accommodation or homestay should only mix with those from in their households apart from coming to school. All day students and staff will have a daily temperature check on arrival. 


Time off-campus. Students will be required to stay on campus or in their accommodation except for outdoor exercise and recreation (and only with one other person), medical reasons, and shopping for food and other essentials. 


Christmas programme. We will remain open as planned for children who will be staying with us for the holiday season. Please contact our student services team to confirm arrangements. 

I appreciate this is a worrying time for all. The health and wellbeing of our school communities remains our utmost importance. We will strictly enforce the rules of the lockdown to ensure all stay safe 


If you have any questions, please do get in touch with our Student Services team,


Karin Askham,




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