CSVPA Alumni Shamiram Sogomonyan Is Now A Junior Designer!

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Read this short interview which explores Shamiram's experiences studying at CSVPA and what her next steps were after graduating with us.

GYM Reception Design/ Freelance Work

Shamiram is currently working as a Junior Designer in an events and exhibitions design company where she aspires to keep developing her talents and eventually set up her own Creative Design Agency. This is her dream career where she hopes to work alongside like-minded designers to create innovative projects and inspire others. Shamiram also studied at CSVPA, read on to find out about her time with us!

When did you join CSVPA and what did you study?
I joined CSVPA in 2010 and studied 3D design.

Exhibition Stand Design/ Freelance Work

What drew you to this area of study? 
First, when I moved to the UK to study GCSE's I wasn’t sure which career path I was going to take in the future. Due to that I ended up studying subjects from different fields such as business, physics and graphic design, which didn’t really go together to shape a career. However graphic design was the subject which challenged me the most and made me realise how important design is in our everyday life. It is this that drew me to the subject. 

Why did you study 3D Design at CSVPA?
I chose the course because it would allow me to explore my skills and prepare me for the studies at

Which singular class did you enjoy the most during your time at CSVPA?
My favourite class was 3D solid modelling, which allowed me to understand how technical aspects of design
work together with creativity to create a good product.

How did your experiences at CSVPA help you into the career you are in now?
CSVPA was the first step into a grown up life, where I made good friends who remain being my friends now. It also helped me to shape my passion for design and choose the area of design which I then went on to study at university and became my career.

Restaurant Design- Private Dining/ MA Project 

What were your next steps after graduating?
My next step after university was to find a full time job as a 3D designer. However, it didn’t go as planned as I
expected and I undertook a number of jobs as a freelance designer, which allowed me to update my portfolio
and get the job which I was looking for.
Not being able to find a full time job after graduating from Masters degree with distinction, was disappointing,
but I decided to use that time as an advantage to learn new software and undertake some projects as a
freelance designer. That allowed me to improve my skills and increase my value as a designer.

Where did you go onto study? 
I did my BA in Interior Architecture and Spatial Design at De Montfort University and my Masters at Coventry University doing Industrial Interior Design where I got a distinction. 

What are you doing now?
Currently I’m working at a design agency, where I come up with designs for events, business conferences, car
launches, exhibition stands and etc. The role is interesting and challenging because I have to work with global
companies and reflect their brand identity in my designs.


What are your top tips for a student who is looking to follow a similar career pathway to you?

  • Develop you passions, take it seriously and never give up!
  • Be confident in yourself and your designs - that will help you to sell your work during an interview.
  • Always develop your skills and never stop studying even after you finish university - the design world is constantly moving forward and so should you.
  • Be creative and design for the future in order to stand out and maybe, one day, change the world!

Conference Design/ Work Project 


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