Courtney's Thoughts On The Foundation Diploma in Art & Design

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Name: Courtney Celine Welham

CSVPA Course: Foundation Diploma in Art & Design (Spatial Design)

Destination: Regents University

Dream Career: 

What made you decide to come to CSVPA?

I was originally going to go straight to university but I came across this course at CSVPA and I was really excited that they had interior design as part of the Foundation Diploma because it is really hard to find interior design in a foundation course in the local area.  I live in Cambridge and I wanted a course where I could still live at home.  I did some work experience and I was told that doing a Foundation Diploma is really beneficial and everyone advises it before going to university.  

Having done it now I don’t think I could have gone to university without doing the Foundation.  I have not only learnt so many new things that will not only give me a kick start at university but it has also got me ready for uni, because I was not ready for uni before I came here.  This is why I deferred my uni place, I was not ready mentally and educationally.  This has really put me up a step.

What have been your highlights this year at CSVPA?

My highlights this year has been making loads of new friends and contacts from all over the world.  Everyone is in the same boat, learning new things from the beginning.  Meeting new people from around the world, learning about new cultures and having a bigger friendship group has been great. When you go to uni and you go to another country it’s nice to know that I will probably already know someone who lives there. 

Being an international school, did it worry you coming to CSVPA?

It is really nice being in an international school, because you have so many different perspectives because everyone has a different background so you are seeing total new things that I have never seen before and it is really interesting.

What is the studio environment like?

Everyone in my class get on so well, we have all integrated really well.  I think it is so important to talk to everyone. In the first week it is good to say hello to people, even if you are feeling shy, talk to one another because once you have made that initial connection in the first week there is always someone you can smile at going down the corridor.  Everyone gets on so well it is really really lovely.  This is probably one of the most non-judgemental schools I have ever been to in my whole life.  Here everyone can be who they want to be and no one gets judged, everyone can be themselves, which is very good.

We talk a lot in our marketing materials about the access you get to your teachers and individual work spaces – being a student here, is it true?

We have a lot of one-to-one time with teachers and you don’t feel excluded by teachers.  You can always go and find them and talk to them and they are always happy to help you.  And not only my teacher, if I wanted to speak to another subject teacher I can just go to anyone I want and speak to them because they are all so friendly and they are there to help, even if they are not your course leader. 

You have a lot of contact time here, you always have access to computers. The university that I have applied to is very similar to here because I am so comfortable at CSVPA .  I wanted somewhere that will give me a smaller class group and more intimate teaching time so I have looked for a university that caters around that.  CSVPA has left such an impact on me that it has made me decide to go somewhere, to a university, similar to here.




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