Art & Design Foundation alumni wins international photography award

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Fay Huang, an alumni of our Art & Design Foundation course has recently won the prestigious Graduate Fashion Week's Fashion Photography award, presented by Caryn Franklin, MBE.

Beating thousands of students across the UK and Europe, Fay's work was selected by a panel of industry judges and was identified to be the best of the best.

Fay's winning project is based on the 24 Solar Terms, a series of points in the East Asian lunisolar calendar that signifies astronomical events and the different stages within the seasons of the year.

Alex Harrison, panellist and renowned fashion photographer had this to say about Fay's work: "Fay's work was fantastic! Her work was hands down the best we saw. She is a true talent!"

We recently caught up with Fay and asked her to share her journey at CSVPA...

Do you miss us?

Yes, definitely! I miss the atmosphere and the course so much. We could speak freely and exchange ideas without any scruple. My tutor, Chloe Ward was so helpful and I learnt so much from her. She really respects and encourages all of her students’ ideas. 

I remember doing a project about nautical fashion and I needed a few things from the beach. I was unable to travel at the time but Chloe brought me some seaweed and other bits from the beach a few days after, it really moved me how much she cared and how much she helped me. Chloe inspired my creativity and was really encouraging; she is the best tutor I have ever had.

Would you recommend the course?

Yes! Cambridge is a great city for studying and the course is a really broad course. It would suit those who like visual art, fashion and photography. It’s so fun and interesting you won’t be bored! I learnt research skills, collage making, art history, photography, photoshop, InDesign, life drawing and so much more.

The course helped me find my strengths, and provided a clear direction for me to grow creatively. The atmosphere and friendly tutors gave me more confidence, which gave me courage to put forward my own ideas and allowed me to grow my creative interests.

If you could summarise your experience with us in 3 words, what would those words be?

Worth, happiness and diversity.

Can you share a few words of inspiration to inspire future students?

Don't go with the flow, acknowledge your inner thoughts and believe and celebrate that everyone is different and unique. Remember to listen to others, pay attention to the details in life and find inspiration from them.

To find out more about our Foundation course, click here.

To see more of Fay’s work, click here.


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