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As we prepare for the next academic year, we are pleased to tell you we plan to:

  • Start the 2020/21 academic year on time in September
  • Provide safe access to facilities and resources for all students

We are committed to delivering the same quality of experience and teaching excellence. Despite the recent challenges we as a school and as a global community have faced, we remain dedicated to continuing to provide inspiring creative experiences for all students. Engaging with other Higher Education Institutions, Government, our local authorities, policy bodies and partner schools we have developed our “We Care” pledge.

It is extremely likely that social distancing measures will still be in place in September 2020, with strictly controlled access to buildings. With this in mind, we have evolved our approach to learning and teaching which gives the most value to students when on campus while still remaining true to CSVPA quality and standards.

In school, learning and teaching will be supported by a blended delivery model which makes the best use of on-campus physical activities, workshops and facilities through using a more controlled approach to timetabling, room occupation and student attendance. This approach will allow for the curriculum to stay true to the original intention of your course and modules; and, to remain most like that experienced by students in previous years. Practical maker-based elements will be supported with as much value as possible through elements of learning and teaching delivered digitally online.

CSVPA plans for September 2020 are flexible and resilient, and allow for the following 2 scenarios:

Standard Model - A Blended approach - This will focus on moving a proportion of learning and teaching online, with a parallel effort to make the best and safe use of our on-campus physical facilities, workshops and technical resources. To do this we will need to use a highly controlled, timetabled approach. However, the aim is to maximise learning and to allow for the practical maker-based elements to be delivered in a way that is comparable with previous years.

Lockdown Model - Full Online learning – The government have made it clear that the exit strategy from total lock-down is conditional and that in the event of a rapid increase in Covid-19 cases a return to lock-down is a possibility. We therefore need to prepare for this scenario too.

We have outlined further information in anticipation of questions you may have below.

Will Assessment be the same in 2020/21?
Course teams are working to adjust assessments, so that they can be conducted digitally, this is because we cannot guarantee the traditional levels of access to our physical spaces and resources. As a result, the assessment will be different to, but will build on, your hands-on work within our workshops, studios and spaces.

Will I need any new equipment to engage with online learning?
We are working on a course by course basis to understand what these changes mean for you and what additional equipment you might need. You will need a reliable internet connection so that you can access digital resources and a computer. We understand everyone’s circumstances are different and not everyone will be able to, or want to, purchase new equipment. Where you may require new equipment, we will consider how we can assist you.

I am thinking about deferring – is this an option?
Yes, if you are concerned about whether you can return to campus or about the plans for blended delivery, you can take a year out. A decision to intermit for a year is very significant and to prevent over-payments of maintenance/tuition fee loans or liability for private accommodation contracts, we advise this decision is made at the earliest possible point and certainly before the start of the new academic year.

Please speak to your course team if you would like to discuss your options and further advice is available from CSVPA Student Services or Admissions.

Will I be paying the same tuition fees?
Yes. The Government's position is that as long as the student experience is of a good quality, full tuition fees can be charged. This also applies if you choose to start your studies with us and are not able to access the physical resources available (e.g. you are shielding, isolating or not able to travel).

What happens if I cannot travel in September or have to remain in quarantine?
We are redesigning our courses to make sure that modules can be studied online, if necessary. You can refer to our guide for more details on learning online with CSVPA:

CSVPA Late Arrival
If you have met the entry requirements for your course and cannot arrive in September, you will need to start your chosen programme online in September and transition to face-to-face learning on the following dates:

  • Arrive in UK between 12th - 18th October 2020 with a quarantine period from 19th October to 2nd November. Students who join at this time will continue their studies online until their quarantine has finished and will transition to face-to-face learning.
  • Arrive in UK between 7th - 8th November 2020 with a quarantine period from 9th to 23rd November. Students who join at this time will continue their studies online until their quarantine has finished and will then transition to face-to-face learning

Is studying ‘online only’ an option?
No. We will be only be providing full online learning for students who are impacted by Covid-19 and are unable to come to school. Although you won’t be able to access in school resources, all our academics will be delivering teaching digitally, so you won’t miss out on tuition.

We may not have all the answers yet, but we will continue to keep staff, students, applicants and our community informed as we develop our planning and will update our webpages regularly.

Keep well and keep safe,

Karin Askham,
CSVPA Rector


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