English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

On all Extended Diploma & Foundation Diploma courses, you will also receive two hours of EAP each week during the winter and spring terms. These classes focus on developing your critical thinking and reflection skills, and will help you improve your reflective writing, write personal statements and prepare for interviews and auditions.  

What will I learn in EAP classes?

These classes have been especially developed together with each of the Course Leaders at CSVPA, so depending on if you are studying Extended Diploma or Foundation Diploma, your EAP lessons will have a slightly different focus.  
For example:
  • Extended Diploma students work on two units of their UAL coursework exclusively in their EAP lessons.  
  • Foundation Diploma students work on writing their UCAS personal statements, as well as learning presentation skills and interview practice and preparation.  
  • Drama and Musical Theatre students spend a lot of time learning pronunciation skills:  working on sounds, rhythm and intonation, as well as preparing for auditions.
One feature across all courses is keeping a reflective learning journal or blog, which is an essential component of your assessed coursework.  Learning to reflect and evaluate is a new skill for many students, and the EAP tutors will help you understand what is required and how to write a successful journal or blog.