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Sanpathit Tavijaroen

Award winning Executive Creative Director of The Leo Burnett Group Thailand

Sanpathit started his career at CSVPA on the Art & Design Foundation, before progressing onto Kingston University to further his studies in Graphic Design.

After graduating he worked in London as a Junior Designer at Tutssel in the Brand Union. On returning to Thailand, Sanpathit worked for Leo Burnett, Bangkok, Ogilvy & Mather, D'Arcy and is now back at Leo Burnett.

When did you join CSVPA and what programme did you study?
I was studying for my A levels in Art & Design, Product Design and Media Studies back in 1994. The Head of the College, Chris Maughan invited me to take Art Foundation course in Graphic Design in my second year as well. So I ended up taking both 3 A levels and an Art Foundation in 1995, it was a tough challenge but I was glad to take that challenge.

After leaving CSVPA which university did you progress onto?
I had so many good offers to choose from, including an offer from Bournemouth University to study BA Creative Advertising. It was the career that I always dreamt of, plus they only offered 30 places from 30,000 applicants, so it was something very special for me. I also had a straight offer right after the interview day at Kent University in BA Graphic Design, but I decided to go to BA Graphic Design at Kingston University instead. It was a crazy offer as well, there were over 50,000 applicants but I was amongst the 32 students that got into the course. I had not heard about Kingston University until Chris suggested I took a look and I was really impressed with their course structure as well, so I went to Kingston after CSVPA.

Looking back how did you value your time you spent at CSVPA?
I really valued my time at CSVPA. It was such a great atmosphere and a once in a lifetime chance to sit inside the famous chamber at the Round Church Street. I got to know lots of international friends who I still keep in touch today. I had such a wonderful time and learnt so much from the amazing art tutors that I still use a lot of what I had been taught in my career today.

What makes CSVPA so special and unique compared to the other experiences and training you received after leaving the school and why was that important to you?
I found out that what I learned at CSVPA was actually practical in real life situations. Both living philosophy and professional practicality. It wasn’t just about learning things that would only last until you graduate but what we learnt was so advanced and modern, that even though I learned those skills in the mid 90’s I can confirm that I am still using these skills 20 years later.

In what ways did CSVPA help you get onto the career path you followed?
I always had a very strong belief about studying at CSVPA. The tutors are ready to listen to you and really gave me some genuine advice. The course structure was designed to prepare a student like me to work as a professional.

Are there any highlights that stand out as best memories?
My best moments always happened in the art block. The graphic design studio was a tremendous place to be. I came up with lots of stunning ideas, was inspired by some great chats with people around you including tutors from other rooms too. I always fell in love with the drawing sessions, even though it usually organised in the cold evening but the atmosphere in the class was amazingly warm but full of passion and energy. It was such a highlight for me.

What would you say to a student who is looking to follow a similar career pathway to you?
There is one most important thing that you must stick in your mind though. “Stay Focused.” Taking a ride in your career path may not always lay with roses; the road could get really bumpy or even filled with lots of mud or dirt. The only way to get you through is to be very focused about where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

What would you say to a student who is thinking of coming to study at CSVPA?
Please do come with no hesitation. This place will help you build a great foundation for your future career.

6x Cannes Lions
(International Festival of Creativity - The Cannes Lions Awards set a global benchmark for quality creative)
5x D&ADs (A D&AD is recognised globally as the ultimate creative accolade, entered and attended by the best from around the world.
3x Clios (The world's most recognised international awards competition for advertising, design, digital and communications)
3x One Shows (The world's most prestigious awards show recognising the best creative work in advertising, interactive, design and branded entertainment)
2x ANDY Awards (A sought after award for global creative excellence in advertising)
2x Kinsale Shark Awards (International Creative Awards that rewards brilliant free thinkers and welcomes brave ideas)

Other awards include London International, New York International, Adfest, Spike Asia, Adstars, Award Australia, Asian Effectiveness, as well as numerous appearances in Thailand advertising.

I recently produced a short film for TMB Bank called Payee FC. A very popular piece of film that has been invited to show at many film festivals around the world. My most recent piece of work that was recognised as a world's top ten most awarded campaign in the 2013 by the Gunn Report was a print campaign for Center for Protection of Children's Rights Foundation (CPCR) titled A Boy, A Girl1 and A Girl2.

I have been invited to be a member of Adfest Direct & Promo jury in 2013 by an executive international jury at Cita Muriwara 2013, Indonesia. I have also been invited to become an executive jury at New York Festival twice, in 2009 and 2011.

"I use a lot of what I had been taught in my career today"

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