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Ryuki Yamaga

BA (Hons) Fashion Design

Ryuki Yamaga

Ryuki graduated from CSVPA in 2012 and achieved a First Class Honour Degree in Fashion Design.

He was then invited by the London College of Fashion (UAL) to study a Master's in Fashion Design and Technology Menswear where he continued his run of success and achieved a Distinction.

Ryuki is now working for RiBo Fashion and Apparel Company in Shanghai which designs affordable fashion for women and teenage girls. Their brands include: BROADCAST, PERSONAL POINT  and CRAZY. They sell to over 900 stores across China.

"Over the last three years CSVPA has helped me to progress and advance to the next stage of my studies. Everyday the lecturers were there to support us and the environment of a dedicated Art & Design school has helped me to relax and concentrate on my studies. The degree programme here is so distinct from any other university because you can learn the basic skills and you can take them as far as you want to go. Cambridge is such a great place to study your undergraduate degree and the city helped me to develop more interesting and sophisticated ideas. At the beginning of my studies I was concerned, like a lot of people, about what I would do at the end. However, CSVPA has opened up so many opportunities to me that I have had the  chance to choose what I wanted to do next. It makes me proud of the course and what I have achieved. You realise at the end how far advanced you are compared to students at other universities."

"CSVPA has opened up so many opportunities"

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