Varsity House

Under 18s Accommodation

Any student, under the age of 18 studying at CSVPA must live in our dedicated under 18 halls at Varsity House where we focus on maintaining a safe, secure and carefully monitored environment for our younger students.

We put a strong emphasis on pastoral care at CSVPA and all under 18 boarding is managed by our highly trained team of professional house parents. Students from CSVPA staying at Varsity House U18 will have the joint benefit of living with fellow creative arts students but also the opportunity to interact with students from our sister school at CATS Cambridge.


Varsity House is only a 7 minute cycle ride to CSVPA on Round Church Street and the centre of Cambridge. Perfectly located, you can chose between a 7 minute cycle ride or walking to the top of the road from which buses leave every 10 minutes. For those students looking to take in the beautiful and inspirational setting of Cambridge, you might decide to take the short one mile walk past the stunning Midsummer Common, taking in the sights of Jesus College. For our Performing Arts students there’s no excuses to be late for class, with the new CSVPA dance studios located 1 minute from the halls!





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