Clearing 2017

clearing 2017

Limited Places available - call us now on: +44 (0) 1223 447792

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Limited places still available for September 2017 on:

BA(Hons) Fashion

BA(Hons) Graphics & Illustration

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BA(Hons) Fashion

When choosing where to study your degree in Fashion how are you going to make that decision?  Reputation of the university? The location? The brand image associated with the university?  We recommend you look closer.  At CSVPA we will not only train you to be able to work in the fashion industry but you will get:

  • your own mannequin, no need to share
  • your own design space
  • 5 days a week studio time, no need to take your work home with you
  • one-to-one with tutors every day
  • direct connections to industry
  • techinical skills tuition
  • guaranteed Graduate Fashion Show in London
  • all calico for toiles provided - FREE OF CHARGE
  • all pattern cutting paper provided - FREE OF CHARGE
  • findings and trims required for set projects such as corsetry and tailoring - FREE OF CHARGE
  • basic interlinings - FREE OF CHARGE
  • screen printing with inks and foils - FREE OF CHARGE
  • fabric dyes - FREE OF CHARGE
  • printing up to A3 - FREE OF CHARGE

BA(Hons) Graphics & Illustration

When choosing where to study your degree in Graphics & Illustration how are you going to make that decision? Reputation of the university? The location? The brand image associated with the university?  We recommend you look closer.  As a student at CSVPA you will have the opportunity to explore all areas of Graphic Design and Illustration, to discover where your strengh lies and work on areas that need developing.  Students are all individuals and therefore we will support you in travelling down your own path.  If you come and study with us you will get:

  • your own Mac, no need to share, keeping your work safe and secure
  • your own design space
  • 5 days a week studio time
  • access to an extensive range of UK wide practitioners, connecting you to industry
  • one-to-one with tutors every day
  • lecturers who are based in your studios 5 days a week
  • access to in-studio library
  • access to equipment and all materials for print making (mono printing, silk screen printing, lino printing & collagraph) - FREE OF CHARGE
  • guaranteed Graduate Show in London, with NO EXTRA COSTS
  • access to photography studio & film | digital cameras
  • printing up to A3 - FREE OF CHARGE

At CSVPA we provide student accommodation for all years of study allowing you to focus on the important things, discovering Cambridge, making friends and getting the most out of your studies! Located in the heart of Cambridge, our halls of residence are surrounded by a thriving arts and culture scene and with the added benefit of living with like-minded creative art students, you will have an abundance of stimuli to inspire your work and develop your creativity.



You might not have a place yet for September but this is your opportunity to stop and think about what you really want from a university and your degree course and use Clearing to find the right course for you.


  1. Research!   Have a look at the different universities and colleges, find out about what it is like to be a student there. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of question and ask the right sort of questions.  Here are a few to get you started:
    1. How many days a week of lectures do you get?  More days = more training!
    2. Think about the access you might get to your lecturers.  Are they going to be based in your studios every day or will you only see them when you have a lecture?
    3. How much time you get with them?
    4. Class sizes?  Will you be lost amongst 100’s of students on your course, left to sink or swim or will your lecturers know your name and give you that individual attention you need to be the best you can be?
    5. Are you sharing equipment or do you get your own mac and your own design space giving you that piece of mind knowing your work is safe and secure?
    6. Are there lots of additional costs you need to pay for on top of your tuition fees that you did not think about e.g. printing, inks, materials, graduate shows, pattern cutting paper etc?
    7. Do you have book out studio space or do you have access to your own area to work whenever you want to – 7 days a week?
    8. Are you guaranteed a place in the Graduate Shows, giving you the opportunity to be seen and noticed by industry?
    9. Do they have an extensive visiting lecturer programme and access to industry?
    10. Ask about accommodation
  2. Compare!  Look at what the different universities and courses have to offer. You might be surprised! 
  3. Think! Which option is the right one for you?
  4. When you are ready, go for it!  Give us a call if you want to come to CSVPA and have these key items to hand:
    1. UCAS Personal ID number, if you have already made a UCAS application &/or your Clearing number
    2. Qualifications and grades
    3. Digital portfolio
    4. Personal statement
  5. If you have been successful and are offered a place, we will send you a formal offer letter.
  6. Go to the UCAS website and add your clearing choice then in Track.  This will count as you definitely accepting the offer and once we confirm this it'll show as an acceptance on the choices page of Track and UCAS will send you a Confirmation letter.
  7. You can only add one choice at a time, but if the university/college doesn't confirm your place, you'll be able to add another.
  8. Come and meet us!  If you have not already visited us, come and meet us and we will show you around!

Student Finance & Loans

Yes we might be a private college but students from the EU, England, Wales and Northern Ireland can still access a tuition fee loan of up to £6,165 per year through Student Finance England.  If you are from Scotland the tuition fee loan is up to £1,205 per year.  

Students from England, Ireland, Wales and Scotland can also access Maintenance Loans from the Student Loans Company.   

Get in Contact

We are here to guide you through the process and make it as easy for you as possible.

Contact our Student Advice Team either by:


Phone: +44(0)1223 447 792

Just because you might not of heard of us, does not mean CSVPA is not the right choice for you.

We are a dedicated creative arts school who provides a unique and highly personalised method of learning, creating an environment in which to nurture, educate and encourage creative individuals.  

Located in the heart of Cambridge, if you choose to be CSVPA student you will surround yourself with like minding creative individuals from all over the world which brings opportunities and contacts globally.

If you want a university experience which offers you:

Personalisation - we really understand you and help you to explore what is right for you; a friendly and safe environment where everyone knows and helps everyone else and where you can build life long friendships with your tutors and your kindred spirits

Accessiblity - to teachers, different departments, your own equipment, own space and materials

Employability - small class sizes, 5 days of teaching a week equiping you with the technical and practical skills you need to be employable.

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