Graduate Diploma in Art & Design

Master’s programmes are short, intensive learning experiences which demand a high level of independence and a specific set of learning skills. This programme is tailored to help you develop the skills required to do well at MA.

It is designed to bridge the gap between your ability / experience and the ambition to study at postgraduate level. Emphasis is placed on encouraging you to become an independent learner and confident within the Englishspeaking educational culture.

The Graduate Diploma will help you to develop your spoken English in order to achieve the required level for direct entry onto a Master’s. It will also give you the experience you need and understanding of UK learning and teaching styles, to help you develop your portfolio further and build on existing skills or develop potential lines of research.

What to Expect

The learning experience of the Graduate Diploma will vary according to the individual needs and Master’s course you are aiming for. As a student you will however:

• develop an appreciation of current critical debates that are shaping the future of your subject.
• enter into dialogue with a mix of specialists, providing a unique context for discussion.
• gain a proficiency in digital media skills to become creative entrepreneurs within the current digital age.
• develop fundamental skills in your specialist area.
• enhance your own critical reflection of practice.
• learn how to present your work with an informed awareness of context and audience.
• build a strong portfolio and learning journal as well as develop research proposals to support your MA application.