Product Design

Product Design is about the reproduction and manufacturing of a product. You are required to find the balance between functionality and style via an intensive design and redesign process. Our teaching encourages idea development and a critical approach, so scoping out project requirements becomes habitual.

You will learn about materials and how to manipulate and use them, receive training in using machine and hand tools, create working models and sketch models, develop your ideas through sketchbook work, both 2D and 3D. Be trained with industry standard design software and hardware, use illustration and photography software to bring your finished models to life.

Example skills learned: resources for researching historical and contemporary design, concept generation and sketching methods, technical, scale and cross section drawing skills, prototype making, wood machinery: band saw, table saw, pillar drill, router, disc sander; metal: variety of welding, casting, embossing; plastics: vacuum forming, heat and bending, polishing; ceramics: slip casting, glazing, kiln, glass slump kiln, CAD (computer aided design)

Preparation for degrees in: Product Design, Furniture Design, Design for Industry, Automotive Design, Transport Design, 3D Design

Architecture & Interior Design

This is the practise of creating and managing space. You will learn how to be set a problem, research it, push the idea through development and create a computer model. Interior design and architecture have similar design concepts so they share the same project brief, which not only encourages creativity but gives you the opportunity to experiment before deciding which area to specialise in for your final year project.

Example skills learned: Research and investigation to support designing and design development, site surveying, plan and elevation, drawing to scale, casting and model making, presentation and portfolio preparation

Preparation for degrees in: Spatial Design, Interior Design, Interior Architecture, Interior Design Environment Architectures, Landscape Design, Architecture

3D Design Craft

Applied Craft is concerned with the creation of handmade, one-off objects in a variety of materials including metal, wood, plastic, ceramic and glass. You will be introduced to a range of techniques and design restraints so you can select the correct materials for the design purpose. Idea development is key because you can choose to specialise with a material or continue to do general Applied Craft at university.

Example skills learned: Glass: Jewellery, sculpture and ornamental design, fusing, slumping & lost wax mould making Ceramics: Hand building, coil building and mould making, glazing, slip casting & resin casting. Metal Craft: Jewellery Making, Soldering & Texturing, incorporating mixed media and re-suing old objects

Preparation for degrees in: Jewellery and Silversmithing, Contemporary Crafts, Fashion Jewellery, Ceramics, 3D Design, Design Crafts

Terms 1 & 2

Throughout the first two terms you will be set a number of projects which you will work on, whilst developing your portfolio. We will help you to identify the right universities and degree courses to apply to and support you with your university applications through a combination of help from your dedicated University Application Officer as well as your lecturers, who are all experienced designers bringing a wealth of industry knowledge.


Term 3

The third term is all about your final major project. As part of this you will also complete a journal which is a reflection and evaluation of your work.

We Provide

.....5 days a week contact time

.....small class sizes, on average no more than 15 students to 1 teacher support in class

.....personalised portfolio assistance and advice

.....your own dedicated workspace

.....non precious metals and all ceramic provisions including clay, casting materials & plywood

.....lecturers based in your studio all day Monday to Friday access 7 days a week

.....guaranteed participation in a show

.....dedicated university officer, to help with your university applications and careers advice

.....opportunities to  broaden your experiences by visiting exhibitions and shows over the world

.....outstanding teachers who are working artists, still exhibiting, bringing industry links and real insight to the world of work

....a dynamic and global community bringing opportunities, international contacts and friendships